Easy Solutions to Tackle Hard Drive Not Showing Up Issue Without Data Loss

Hard drive safety is essential as it holds lots of data. If anything wrong happens with the hard drive, then you will lose data stored on it. Sometimes, you might face issues with hard drive even though you took all necessary precautions to keep your drive safe. In those issues, the most annoying one is the drive is not shown up on the computer. At times, you might come across this issue, where your hard drive not recognized or shown up in the computer due to which you lose access to your hard drive as well as data on it.

If you ever encounter “hard drive not showing up” issue, then don’t lose hope. Here I am going to show all possible reasons that make hard drive unrecognizable and how to deal with them.

  • Uninitialized Hard Drive

An excessive number of bad sectors, virus infection, and MBR corruption results in uninitialized hard drive due to which hard drive won’t show up in a computer. Hence, do as follow to fix this issue.

  • Go to Disk Management and select the drive that is not initialized
  • Right click on it and select Initialize Disk
  • While initializing, you need to choose between MBR and GPT
  • Once, you select the appropriate option, click on Ok

Once the hard drive is initialized successfully, go and see whether you can see it or not.

Note: When you encounter any kind of drive issues, before fixing it safeguard your data stored on it by restoring all data from the hard drive using Hard Drive Recovery software. I will suggest using Remo Hard Drive Recovery software as it comes handy in many situations. You can restore data from undetectable hard drive as well as corrupted, RAW hard drive.

  • Missing Drive Letter

When your hard drive is not assigned with any drive letter, then you will face hard drive not showing up an issue. Hence, go to Disk Management and assign a letter to the drive.

  • Unallocated Hard Drive

Go to Disk Management and verify whether the hard drive is allocated or unallocated. If the hard drive is unallocated, then it will not show up. So, create a new partition and make sure that it will appear in Windows Explorer.

  • Formatted with Wrong File System

You will not see the hard drive if it has the wrong file system. So, go to disk management and reformat it with the new file system.

These are few common factors due to which hard drive will not show up in the computer or Windows Explorer. Hence, restore all data from hard drive that is not showing with the help of Remo Hard Drive Recovery software and then try these fixes one after another. If nothing works, then replace the hard drive with new one.

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