Easy Steps to Undo DiskPart Clean – DiskPart Recover Command

I made a terrible mistake.

  2. Select WrongHarddisk
  3. Clean

Easy Steps to Undo DiskPart Clean - DiskPart Recover Command
What is the best way to undo diskpart clean and recover my data or restore the disk?
Quite often we see people posting these sort of issues over online forums / discussions. If you are the one who lost data using diskpart clean and looking for solution to get back lost data, then Remo Recover Software is the best solution to undo Diskpart command.

USE Remo Recover Windows Pro  to Undo & Recover Data afterdiskpart Clean command

What is this Diskpart Clean command and when to use it?

Diskpart is a command line tool to manage drives on a computer. Using Diskpart, you can format, clean, add or delete partitions and perform other actions on a selected drive with the help of commands.

Diskpart Clean command is used to delete all data and partitions on the selected drive permanently. It erases all data on the selected disk. This is the reason, why this command is scary to use! You need to be little more careful while providing the drive in this command. In case you provide a wrong drive, your data will be erased. Yes it can happen at times; we are human after all!

You can use this command when you want to sell the drive, may be it has some errors, infected with virus or you just want to cleanup the drive. However, what ever is the reason, make sure you have copy of the data saved on any backup drive.

NOTE: Until and unless you have proper backup solution and you have complete knowledge of using these commands, never attempt this command.

Best Way to Undo Diskpart Clean – Remo Partition Recovery Software

Step 1 Stop using devices/hard drive (which were cleaned by DiskPart Command)

Step 2 Download Remo Recover Pro (Windows) utility to undo diskpart clean command and recover back your entire partition in few simple steps. Install and launch the tool on your PC to perform Diskpart Recover Command using Remo Recover tool

Download Now For Windows

Download Now For Mac

Step 3 Select ‘Recover Drives’ option in the first screen and then choose ‘Partition Recovery’ in the next step

Choose Partition Recovery


Step 4 Select a the drive on which you performed diskpart ‘clean’ and then select the partition to recover

Select Disk


Step 5 Once the software completes a scan, all the found files are displayed, just ‘Preview’ the files

Preview recovered Files


Step 6 Then select files that you want to recover and save them in a preferred location

Save files on required location

Know more about Remo Diskpart Recover Command / Tool

Remo Recover performs a detailed sector wise scan of your hard drive and recovers all partitions and data. An interesting feature about the software is that it helps to recover the file and folder structure along with original data is recovered. This is possible because of the software’s unique ‘read-only’ feature.

One of the best part of this Remo Recover tool is that, it can also be used to recover data from other storage media such as external hard drives, USB stick, SD cards, etc. Not just diskpart clean, the software helps to restore data from any diskpart attribute or other situations like formatting, deetion etc. Some more attractions of the tool are:

Supports all file systems: The software can be used with all file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS,  NTFS 5, HFS, HFS+ etc.

Useful Find and Sort features: When you recover a partition, it is likely that you have hundreds or thousands of recovered files. Using the Sort feature provided by the tool, you can sort recovered files according to date, size or name. Similarly, a Find feature is also available to allow you to find a specific file based on date, size, file name or file type.

OS Compatibility: The software is designed to be compatible with all latest Windows OS & Mac OS X versions including the latest Windows 10 & Sierra

Better to Avoid Such Data Loss instances

It is very important that you pay close attention to the commands and the drive you select when using working with partitions and data. Even a small typo can cause unintentional actions; for instance, selecting a wrong drive to erase data without taking backup. So, always make sure you double check before hitting Enter in command prompt.

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