Easy Tips to Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption

Outlook PST files are undoubtedly the important files of Microsoft Outlook. This is because it holds entire data from Outlook, i.e. emails, tasks, contacts, attachments, notes and other Outlook attributes. However, this PST file is prone to corruption due to several reasons, which may result in Outlook data loss. So it is required to keep your Outlook data safe by preventing PST file corruption. So today we will discuss some of the simple  tips to avoid Outlook PST file corruption and methods to fix.

Quick Tricks to Avoid PST corruption

PST File Size: As Microsoft has defined the maximum size of the .pst files for different versions of Outlook, it is suggested not to exceed that size limit to avoid corruption. Outlook 2002 and early versions have 2 GB size limit, while 2003 and later versions 20GB PST file size limit. However maintaining a minimal size will help organise emails and contacts easier.

Save PST file: It is recommended to save the PST files on hard drives only as these are designed to be saved on HDDs. However, Saving PST file on server or other networks drives may lead to PST file damage or corruption.

Handle with care: Always exit the Outlook application safely. As abrupt closing of Outlook may increase the chances of PST file corruption.

Keep away from Virus / malware threats: It is must and should to protect your system with a reliable anti-virus software. In most of the times the reason behind Outlook data file damage is virus infection. So to avoid such situations always safeguard your system with updated anti-virus software.

Update Add-ins: Your PST may get corrupted even due to Outlook add-ins. In case your don't need add-in  or  show up some errors while using Outlook, then disable them in order to prevent PST damage.

Backup: Despite taking all the precautions measures, sometimes user may face PST file corruption problem. So it required to maintain the backup of PST file so that you can use the backup copy during corruption or data loss problems.

However, if your PST file is already corrupted and looking for prominent way to repair it then here we have few methods that help you to repair Outlook data file.

Easy Methods to Repair corrupt PST file

Method 1:

To repair minor issues of PST file you can take help of Microsoft’s inbuilt repair tool called scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair tool. However, this tool may not help in repairing severely corrupted .pst files, it can handle only minor damages.

Method 2:

If the inbuilt repair tool fail to fix Outlook data file corruption then you can use Remo Repair Outlook PST tool. It is capable of resolving all kind of errors and damages related to Outlook PST file. Also, it recovers your entire Outlook profile data that is deleted, lost or inaccessible due to corruption in easy steps.  The main advantage of this tool is that it will not modify the original content of the damaged file during repair process. It is 100% free from viruses and can be installed on various versions of Windows computer. The repair process has only few simple steps that even a novice user can process easily.

These were some of the tips to prevent and repair MS Outlook PST file. As discussed, the best way to avoid such difficult situations is by maintaining the backup. If the backup is available then there is no need to worry about data loss or corruption. So it is recommended to maintain the backup of PST file and after every important action on Outlook.

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