Easy Ways to Fix Frozen Mac

You know your Mac is quite reliable. However, there are times when Mac troubles you. Very rarely does a Mac get frozen. But you are facing just that now and don’t know how to fix it. Well, although Macs are pretty reliable, occasionally they can freeze or get stuck.

Since Mac runs in cycles, sometimes, they get stuck in a loop. So when this happens, an application or entire Mac OS becomes unresponsive. You need to fix the issue to get back to working normally. So let’s see few ways by which you can fix a frozen Mac:

See if Mac OS or just an app is affected:

The first step is to see whether the entire Mac or just one app is affected. This is required because if only one app is affected, then you would get an alert informing that the app quit unexpectedly. So if Mac becomes unresponsive without any alert, then the problem is with the operating system.

So if the problem is only with one app, then

  • Click OK to dismiss the alert window
  • Or click Reopen to start the app, then send a report to Apple

When macOS is affected:

If the problem is with an app, then the first thing to do is to quit the app and then restart it. This is the best way to handle a Mac crash. Suppose if you are not able to force-quit an app, or if Mac operating system is frozen, then here are the steps to resolve the issue:

  • Open Apple menu at the top left of the screen, select and click Restart
  • If you are unable to interact with the Apple menu, then press Command-Control-Eject. It will instruct macOS to restart immediately.
  • If this is not working, then press and hold the Power button on Mac until it switches Off. Now press and release the Power button to turn it back ON again.

When Mac is restarted, the file you were working on could be corrupted. Try to recover whatever content you can from the file, and copy it to a new file. You can then delete this file. Suppose many files have been affected and you have to recover those files, then make use of Mac Data Recovery software. This tool will recover data from crashed Mac drive, frozen or inaccessible Mac in a safe way.

Find the source of the problem:

If Mac is freezing often, then you need to check the following to understand what is causing it to freeze.

  • Check if there is enough free space on Mac hard drive
  • See to it that your macOS is up to date. Check for any uninstalled updates in Mac App Store.
  • Disable plug-ins. You need to disable plugins for certain apps to know if they are causing the problem.
  • Run Apple Hardware Test
  • Use Repair Disk function in Disk Utility to clean hard drive problem

Hope these tips come handy when Mac freezes.

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