Easy Ways to Repair a Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File

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An important PowerPoint file getting corrupt or damaged can be disastrous. Worry no more, this PowerPoint repair guide has everything you need to know how to repair PowerPoint file in no time. If you are tired of fixing Powerpoint by various manual methods, we have a tool that can help you repair PowerPoint file in no time. Download the Remo Repair for PowerPoint.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File?
  2. Best Way to Repair a Corrupt PowerPoint File.
  3. Steps to Repair and Recover Corrupt Presentation with Remo Repair PowerPoint.


Corruption in a PowerPoint file is the most difficult thing to tackle; it may even ruin your important presentation. But, need not worry as you can easily fix corrupt PowerPoint presentations in various ways.

And, this page describes how to repair corrupt or damaged PowerPoint presentation files manually as well as using the effective PowerPoint file repair tool. So, read the article and choose your best option to fix broken PowerPoint presentation.

Note: If you have lost your PowerPoint files from your Mac system. Then do refer to this article to know how to recover deleted, lost, or unsaved PowerPoint files on Mac.

How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File?

The following methods will help you repair PPT files easily, first thing you can do is to move the corrupt PPT file to another location, this is how you can do it.

Solution 1: Move the Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation to Another location

If you are trying to open the PPT file which is stored on an external hard drive or removable storage device, then copy the file to your computer’s internal hard drive and open it.

In case, the broken presentation file is already located in the system hard drive then copy it to another drive (preferably external drive) and open. Make sure that you are also copying the inserted images, videos or any other media files added to your PowerPoint presentation while moving the file.

The purpose of this technique is to skip the corruption issues of your storage device that might be preventing you from accessing the PowerPoint file.

If your storage location/drive where the PPT file is saved having an issue, then this step will solve your problem.

You can scan and repair the former disk if you are able to open the presentation file after moving it to the second drive.

Solution 2: Open PowerPoint in Safe Mode

Opening PowerPoint application in Safe Mode may solve your problem, as the app starts with less (no) features like add-ins, extensions, customizations, etc. in Safe Mode.

  • Go to the Start menu, press Windows and R keys together
  • Type powerpoint /safe and hit OK
    run powerpoint on safe mode
  • Open your corrupt presentation file

If your presentation file opens or works normally in safe mode, then it looks like add-ins, extensions or custom settings you made in PowerPoint are affecting the functionality of the application. So, go through PowerPoint Options and do the troubleshooting.

Solution 3: Insert slides of Corrupt Presentation into New File

This is one of the easiest as well promising techniques to deal with corrupt PowerPoint presentations. You can insert slides from the corrupt or damaged PowerPoint presentation into a new blank file, without opening the broken PPT.

So, here is how to insert slides from corrupt presentation into a new blank file.

For PowerPoint 2003 or previous versions

  • Open a new blank PowerPoint file
  • In Home tab, select Insert then, Slides from Files option
  • Use Slide Finder and open your corrupt PowerPoint presentation
  • Check the Keep source formatting box (located at right bottom)
  • Click on the Insert All option
  • Save this recreated presentation file in a new location

For PowerPoint 2007,2010, 2013, 2016 and 2021

  • Open a new blank PowerPoint file
  • In Home, click New Slide and choose Reuse Slides
  • Open your corrupt PowerPoint presentation by clicking the Browse button
  • All sides of your broken presentation will be shown on the right panel
  • Check the Keep source formatting button
  • Right click on a slide and choose to Insert All Slides
  • Save this recreated presentation file in a new location

If you cannot access the recreated file after adding slides to it from the corrupted presentation then, open the recreated file in PowerPoint. Choose Save As and give a new name. Go to Design, click on Browse for Themes… under Themes category. Open the recreated presentation file in solution # 3 and hit Apply button.

Solution 4: Open and Repair PowerPoint Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint offers an inbuilt solution called Open and Repair to repair and recover PowerPoint slides in the file. So, make use of this option and try to repair your corrupt presentation files.

Instructions to repair corrupt presentation files using PowerPoint.

  • Open PowerPoint app, go to File menu and click the Open button
  • Browse and select your corrupt presentation file
  • Click the small arrow located beside Open button and select Open and Repair option
    open and repair
  • Wait for the completion of the repair process

This inbuilt PowerPoint repair process helps you to fix all presentation files that are slightly corrupted or damaged. In case, your PPT or PPTX file is severely corrupt or damaged then, you need to make use of an efficient PowerPoint file repair software like Remo Repair PowerPoint.

Best Way to Repair a Corrupt PowerPoint File using PowerPoint Repair tool

Remo Repair PowerPoint is a powerful PowerPoint repair software designed to fix all issues in your corrupted or damaged PowerPoint files in a few simple steps. This PowerPoint repair tool is compatible to work on all the versions of the Microsoft PowerPoint application.

download now

It flawlessly fixes PPT, PPTX, and PPS file types. The handy software is integrated with deep scanning and easy-to-use interface makes the PowerPoint repair process simple even for a novice user.

Steps to Repair and Recover Corrupt Presentation with Remo Repair PowerPoint:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair PowerPoint tool, Browse and select your corrupt PowerPoint presentation file. Click on the Repair button.

Step 2: The tool shows File repaired successfully confirmation message after the complete repair process. Preview and verify the repaired PowerPoint presentation.

Step 3: Save the fixed PowerPoint file on your desired location.

Note: Check out this guide on how to recover deleted or unsaved PowerPoint files using proven methods without corrupting the PPT files.

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