End of file error on Photoshop [All You Need to Know]

You open one of your Photoshop documents and all of a sudden you see a popup error saying “could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered”. This is one of the most common errors frequently discussed in all the Photoshop users communities and forums. Additionally, there are various reasons why this error occurs. Tracking down the root cause of this error can be complicated. Fortunately, this article is compiled with all the information you require to fix the end of file error on your Photoshop.

The instant way to Fix End of the File Error on Photoshop

What is Unexpected End of File Error on Photoshop

End of file error usually means that the PSD file is damaged. The PSD file can be damaged due to following reasons:

Missing Header or Footer of a PSD file

Header and footer of the PSD file have the complete information of the PSD file such as color mode, depth, number of color channels and complete dimensions of the PSD file. This header and footer of the PSD file will help the Photoshop application to parse the PSD file.

While saving a PSD file, Photoshop application might fail to create a header or footer of a PSD file. In some cases, even header and footer might be damaged if the Photoshop application crashes or terminates unexpectedly. Once the header or footer of the PSD file is missing or damaged, Photoshop will fail to process the PSD file and pops up an “unexpected end of file error”. 

Incompatible Photoshop versions

Incompatibility in the PSD file occurs when you try to open a PSD file saved on the latest versions of the Photoshop application on the older version. For example, when you try to open a PSD file created in Photoshop CS 2014 on Photoshop CS 2013. Because every Photoshop has elements such as layers or color channels that are limited to a specific version. Hence when you try to open the PSD file which is saved on a different version, Photoshop might fail to open the file

Interrupting the saving Process

Interrupting the PSD file while saving it to a specific location can potentially damage the layers of the PSD file. In some cases, the file will be saved as a temporary file in a folder called “temp”. Situations like these result in Photoshop failing to map the location of the PSD file, therefore it will prompt the “end of file error”.

Corrupted PSD file.

Managing a PSD file with numerous layers can be a bit complicated. It takes a lot of time while processing the large PSD file. Even a small interruption while processing the PSD file might damage or corrupt the file. 

Considering all the scenarios as discussed above, it can be concluded that the error arises while saving the PSD file improperly or abruptly closing the PSD file while still working on it. However, it finally comes to how you can fix corrupted PSD files and avoid the unexpected end of file error on Photoshop. 

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How to Fix PSD Unexpected End of File Error

Changing the Extension

You can use this fix if you fail to correctly save the Photoshop document. All you need to do is to access the temp file location of the PSD file and change the extension of the file. Tap “Win+R” and enter the  “%LocalAppData%\Temp” in the Run box and click on run to access the temp files. 

Now search for the temp files in the list. You can search with respect to date and time to identify the damaged PSD file. Select the desired temp file, go to properties of the temp file. Rename the file with the “.psd” extension and restore the unsaved PSD file on to your desktop. This might fix the end of file error due to incomplete saving the PSD file.

Unfortunately, this is not a permanent fix, if the PSD file is severely damaged you cannot fix the error just by changing the extension. You need a tool that is dedicated to fixing the damaged PSD files such as Remo Repair PSD

Enable Backward Compatibility in Photoshop.

Compatibility issues majorly occur when you try to open the latest Photoshop versions on the older versions. You can enable backward compatibility in the Photoshop application and fix any compatibility issues.

To enable the backward compatibility, open Photoshop application go to Edit> Preferences > file handling, in the file handling window at the bottom you will find the “maximize PSD and PSB file compatibility” option. Click change the option to always click on OK to save the changes. This will enable backward compatibility and help open PSD files created on older versions of PS. 

Right Way to Fix PSD File with End of File Error

However these two methods can only fix simple errors, you cannot fix damaged or broken PSD files which are major reasons for the end of file error. The only way to fix the corrupted PSD file is by using a PSD repair tool. The quick and most effortless method to repair the PSD file is using Remo PSD Repair tool. So download Remo Repair PSD and follow the below-mentioned instructions.

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Launch the Remo Repair PSD file, from the home screen click on browse. Locate the damaged PSD file and click on Open. From the next screen click on the Repair button. Once you click the repair button the PSD repair software repair engines will start to scan the PSD file for errors. Once the errors are found the tool will fix the damaged layers and creates a new error-free PSD file. You can also click on the preview button and verify whether the PSD file is repaired or not. You can also use the same method to fix the Photoshop document on Mac.


Unexpected End of the FIle error on Photoshop has can be easily avoided if you follow a few precautions such as 

  • Create various versions of the same file
  • Don't fill up the storage drive have some empty space
  • Work and upload on to creative cloud

If you are unable to avoid the error you can follow this article to fix the error. If you still are unable to fix the issue please comment on your queries below.

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