How to Export Outlook PST File to Another Computer

Outlook stores your email information in OST and PST data files. When you migrate or transfer your Outlook application, the data stored in the OST file can be easily migrated just by logging into your account on your new computer. Since the PST file is stored locally on your computer, you need to manually export the Outlook PST file to a new computer.

Fortunately, Outlook provides users with the feasibility to export the PST file without requiring any third-party software. However, the process is complex.  Compiled with the information to help you export Outlook PST file to another computer this article will assist you to move Outlook to new computer.

There are two ways you can export the PST file to a new computer

  1. You can export by taking a backup of PST file
  2. Directly copy and move the Outlook data file to the new computer

Export Outlook PST File in 2013/2016/ 2019

Follow the mentioned steps to export Outlook emails to the PST file in latest Outlook versions such as 2013, 2016 and 2019

  • Open Outlook application and go to Files option in the toolbar
  • Click on the Open and Export option to reveal Import/ Export option and click on it
  • You will see the Import and Export wizard, from the options mentioned, select export to a file option and click on next
  • Now select Outlook Data File (.pst) option and click on next

In this stage, you can select and export a specific folder to PST file. The export wizard will display all the folders existing on your Outlook application such as emails folder (inbox, sent, draft, trash if you have made any custom folders will also be displayed) Calendar, Contacts, journal, and notes. You can select the folder you want to export to PST. However, you cannot backup outlook settings using this method.

  • Else you can mark include sub-folders checkbox and  all the Outlook folders to PST file and click on next
  • Click on browse and mention the desired location where you want to save the exportable PST file
  • Mark "Replace Duplicates with Items Exported" and click on finish to create an exportable PST file.
  • Outlook application will ask you to create a password so that others cannot gain access to your PST cause, there might be a possibility of data theft.
  • Now you have created an exportable PST file, all you need to do is to copy the file to a storage drive and export the PST file to a new computer.

exporting outlook pst file

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Export Outlook PST File to Another Computer In 2010 and earlier versions.

Export Outlook PST file on 2010

Go to Files> Options >  Advanced Tab. In the advanced tab, you will find the "Export" option. Select the export option to access the "Import and Export wizard". From here on the remaining exporting pst file process remains the same as the latest versions.

Export PST file on Outlook 2007 and earlier versions

Similarly, as 2010 go to files, in the drop-down menu click on the Export option to access the import and export wizard. The rest of the exporting PST file process remains the same as the latest Outlook version.

Copy and Export Outlook PST file

To copy a PST file all you need to do is to locate the PST file and copy it to an external drive and move it to a new computer

How to Locate the Outlook PST file on 2010 and Latest Versions:

Open the Outlook application and click on the files tab and click on account settings option twice. Outlook will open the account settings dialogue box, from the dialogue box select the data files tab. In the data file tab, you can see the outlook data files available on the computer. Click on the desired data file to find the location of the Outlook PST file. Note down the PST file location.

Using file explorer or Computer application to access the location of the PST file, copy the file and export it to the new computer.

How to Locate the PST files on 2007 and Earlier Outlook Versions

Open the control panel on your computer and select the User Account. Double click on the mail icon to access the account settings. Click on the data files tab to see the PST file available on your Outlook. Select the desired PST file to know the PST file location. Copy the PST file and move it to another computer.

Copying and exporting the PST file might be quick and easy. However, only copying the PST file might not export all the elements of Outlook. For example, signatures, contacts or any currently open files or mails. Hence, it is highly suggested to backup and export the PST file.

Import Outlook PST file on to a New computer

Importing PST on to a new computer is the same for all versions of the Outlook.

  • To import a PST file on new computer through Outlook,  go to File > Export/ Import > Open Outlook data file(.PST)
  • Browse and select the file PST file you just imported from your old computer
  • You should see all the emails and data from the exported Outlook PST file.


Since the PST file is locally stored on your computer you should manually export the PST file. Using a manual method to export your Outlook data file can be complicated. Nevertheless, you can use Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate application to automate the entire migration process. With the help of Remo, the  PST file can be exported in 3 simple steps. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the Remo Cloud storage and securely access your Outlook data from anywhere at any time.

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