Why External Hard Drives Are Not Enough for Your data Backup Plan?

Every day, we all have an innumerable amount of information and data coming in and it has become a necessity to have an external hard drive as your backup. Especially, with systems crash, accidental deletion of data and virus attack common in a work environment. What you want is a reliable – complete protection for your data?

You have important files to back up, it goes from few MBs to TBs, and it keeps growing until your hard drive is completely filled. At this moment what you can’t afford is losing those precious files, that’s why you brought another hard drive.

Some people prefer to have an external hard drive sitting on their desk. What if your Mr. dependable, ditches you… Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe sometime in the future it fails, all the important documents you’re putting into that mechanical box vanishes?

It would be tragic and yet I believe that’s exactly what’s happening. Not just to you, but to millions of people around the world.

Is it because backing up the entire data in an external hard drive not enough?  

Here’s what I mean….

  • Limited Storage: External hard drives will have just about enough space to store all your data. If you are having valuable data coming in on a daily basis then very soon you will run out of storage space and you will have to choose between current information coming in or history of data that you have stored and weigh the importance to keep either of the two. You will eventually have to start choosing between which data is more important than the other. If you are a business person then the important question will be, which client and their information are more important than the other?
  • Remembering to store it: You will have to remember on a daily basis to back up all your day’s information on the hard drive. Then it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much of other work is pending. Backing up your work at the end of the day is something you cannot afford to ignore or slide by. Yes, it is hard work but having a backup is also of importance.
  • Security concerns: At the end of the day, when you have backed up your data, your external hard drive is at the same amount of risk as your computer. Risks of theft, fire or flood are situations that are out of one’s control. Just to avoid these risks, you will have to carry your external hard drive home every day and make sure to bring it back to work the following morning. While doing so make sure that in the travel you do not allow damage to happen to the hard drive if not your back up files will be damaged.
  • Risks and vulnerability: Sometimes in spite, of all the security measures you take you can still end up leaving your external hard drive at the same risk of virus or some kind of damage that says ‘unable to read files’ as your computer. For times like this, you can always get back your data by opting for software to retrieve data from external hard drive. Taking such risks and leaving your important data to probable and vulnerable situations do not seem to be worth it at all.

Now that we know, an external hard drive is not enough as your data backup plan. Let’s explore our options to make our work easier and safer to store. You can always opt to store your data on ‘Cloud’. Cloud back up is easily available and is able to overcome all of the problems associated with an external hard drive. Cloud back up services run automatically, encrypting your data before it is sent off-site, which means your full back up is always available. This is especially useful when you have a large amount of data to store.

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