How to Factory Reset a Toshiba Laptop?

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Over time, you might encounter various issues with your Toshiba laptop that can be resolved by performing a factory reset. Factory resetting a Toshiba laptop essentially brings the device back to its original factory settings, erasing all user data and configurations. Read this article to find out how to factory reset a Toshiba Laptop.

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Imagine you have a Toshiba laptop that has been running slowly lately. You have tried different troubleshooting methods, but nothing seems to work. Performing a factory reset could be the solution to get your laptop back to its optimal performance. 

A factory reset can be a useful troubleshooting step when your Toshiba laptop encounters persistent software problems, performance issues, or malware infections. 

If you are someone who is wondering how to factory reset your Toshiba laptop because your Toshiba hard drive is not working properly, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will help you learn how to reset your Toshiba laptop back to its factory settings. Keep reading!!

What is Factory Reset and What Does it Do?

A factory reset is a process that restores a device to its original state, erasing all user data, settings, and applications. This procedure removes any modifications made to the Operating System, reinstalls the original system files, and resets all configurations to their default values. 

Essentially, it reverts the laptop back to the state it was in when you first purchased it. It's just like starting over with a brand-new laptop.

Reasons for Factory Resetting a Toshiba Laptop

There can be many reasons why you might want to factory reset your Toshiba laptop:

  1. Resolving System Issues: If your laptop is experiencing frequent crashes, software glitches, or performance slowdowns, a factory reset can help eliminate these problems by starting with a clean slate.
  1. Removing Malware or Viruses: If your Toshiba laptop is infected with malware or viruses that are difficult to remove, a factory reset can effectively eliminate the malicious software.
  1. Preparing for Resale or Donation: Before selling or donating your Toshiba laptop, performing a factory reset ensures that your personal data is completely wiped, protecting your privacy.
  1. Returning to Default Settings: If you have made extensive changes to your laptop's settings and configurations, a factory reset allows you to revert everything back to the original default state.

Preparing for Factory Reset

Before proceeding with a factory reset, it is essential to take a few preparatory steps to safeguard your data and ensure a smooth process.

Backup Important Data: Since a factory reset erases all data on your Toshiba laptop, it is vital to create backups of any important files, documents, photos, or videos that you want to preserve. You can utilize external storage devices, cloud storage services, or even create a system image to safeguard your data.

Power and Connectivity: Make sure your Toshiba laptop is connected to a stable power source to prevent any interruptions during the factory reset process. Additionally, connect your laptop to the internet if you require any online resources or updates during the process.

How To Reboot Toshiba Satellite Laptop To Factory Settings?

Toshiba laptops provide multiple methods for performing a factory reset, and the availability of these methods may vary depending on your laptop model and Operating System version.

Below I have added 4 tried and tested method which is definitely going to help you reset your Toshiba laptop to factory settings.

Method 1: Using System Settings For Toshiba Laptops Reset

This method involves accessing the system settings on your Toshiba laptop to initiate the factory reset process. It is suitable for laptops running Windows 10 or later versions.

  1. Click on the "Start" button and select the "Settings" gear icon.
  1. In the Settings menu, click on "Update & Security."
  1. From the left-hand side menu, select "Recovery."
  1. Under the "Reset this PC" section, click on "Get started."
  1. Choose either "Keep my files" or "Remove everything" depending on your preference.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the factory reset.

Method 2: Using Recovery Partition To Restore Toshiba Satellite To Factory Settings

Many Toshiba laptops come with a hidden recovery partition, which contains the original factory image. This method allows you to access the recovery partition and restore your laptop to its factory settings.

  1. Completely shut down your laptop from the Windows start menu.
  1. Hold down the 0 (zero) key and then release this key just after the computer is powered on.
  1. Select Troubleshoot > TOSHIBA Maintenance Utility > TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to access the recovery partition and initiate the factory reset process.

Method 3: Factory Reset Using Reboot Disc For Toshiba Laptops

A reboot disc, also known as a recovery disc or system restore disc, is a specific type of disc created by the manufacturer to restore a Toshiba laptop to its original factory settings.

If your Toshiba laptop doesn't have a recovery partition or it's no longer accessible, you can use those recovery media such as a USB flash drive or DVD/Discs to perform a factory reset.

This method requires you to create recovery media beforehand or obtain it from Toshiba's official website.

  1. Connect the recovery media (USB flash drive or DVD/Disc) to your Toshiba laptop.
  1. Restart your laptop and press the appropriate key (usually F12 or Esc) to enter the boot menu.
  1. From the boot menu, select the recovery media as the boot device.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to access the recovery environment and proceed with the factory reset.

Method 4: Using BIOS Settings

Some Toshiba laptops offer a factory reset option within the BIOS settings. By accessing the BIOS, you can initiate a factory reset directly without going through the operating system.

  1. Restart your Toshiba laptop.
  1. Press the appropriate key (usually F2 or Del) to enter the BIOS settings.
  1. Navigate through the BIOS menu to find the "Reset to Default" or similar option.
  1. Select the option and confirm the factory reset.

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Common Challenges and Troubleshooting

While factory resetting a Toshiba laptop is generally a straightforward process, you may encounter some challenges or issues along the way. Here are a few common problems and their possible solutions:

  1. Recovery Partition Not Accessible: If the recovery partition is no longer available or accessible on your Toshiba laptop, you can try using recovery media instead.
  1. Freezing or Hanging: If the factory reset process freezes or hangs at any point, try restarting your laptop and attempting the factory reset again.
  1. Power Interruptions: Ensure that your laptop is connected to a stable power source throughout the factory reset process to avoid any power-related interruptions.
  1. Data Loss: Remember that a factory reset erases all data on your Toshiba laptop, so it's crucial to back up your important files before proceeding.

If it is too late and you have lost your data due to factory resetting your Toshiba Satellite laptop, do not worry. In the following section of the article, I will explain to you how to perform Toshiba hard drive recovery.

How to Recover Data From Toshiba Laptop?

To recover data from your Toshiba laptop you need the best hard drive data recovery software like Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is a user-friendly tool that has the potential to recover data from both simple and complex data loss scenarios, such as recovering data from corrupted and damaged hard drives.

It can recover more than 500 file formats, including your precious photos, videos, and other important documents like Excel files and PDFs. Moreover, this tool works smoothly with all Toshiba models, such as Toshiba Canvio, Toshiba L200, Toshiba X300, Toshiba N300, and Toshiba P300.

Download this tool for free now and get back your data in no time!

Steps to Recover Data from Toshiba Laptop Hard Disks

  1. Download and install Remo Recover Windows on your computer.
  1. Launch the tool and select the partition of your Toshiba laptop from where you want to recover data.
  1. Once you have selected it, click on the Scan button to initiate the scanning process.
  1. After the scanning process, you will be able to see all the recovered files under the "Lost and Found" folder and the "Lost Partition" folder.
  1. Preview the recovered files for free and click the Recover button to save them in a safe location of your choice.


Factory resetting a Toshiba laptop can be a useful solution for various software-related issues and preparing the laptop for resale. Remember to take appropriate precautions and back up your computer before initiating the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I factory reset my Toshiba laptop without losing data?

No, a factory reset erases all data on your Toshiba laptop. It is essential to create backups of your important files before initiating the factory reset process.

How long does it take to factory reset a Toshiba laptop?

The time required for a factory reset depends on various factors such as the size of your hard drive and the method you choose. The factory reset process can take some minutes to several hours.

Will a factory reset remove viruses from my Toshiba laptop?

Yes, a factory reset will remove viruses and malware from your Toshiba laptop. However, it's still recommended to use reliable antivirus software to protect your laptop in the future.

Can I cancel a factory reset process midway?

In most cases, it is not recommended to cancel a factory reset process once it has started. Doing so may result in system instability or partial data loss. It's best to let the process complete.

Do I need a product key after factory resetting a Toshiba laptop?

If your Toshiba laptop came with a pre-installed Operating System, the product key is typically embedded in the system's BIOS. You won't need to enter a product key again after a factory reset.

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