Failed Hard Drive? Know the Fix and Causes

Hard Drive failure is one of the most common problems, every computer user experiences.

To know how to fix it is just as important as to know the causes for a hard drive failure. This article gives you an informative read on the causes that lead to a failed hard drive and the fix for the same.

If you feel or because of past experience know that your hard drive is going to fail, always get a backup of your files. Each of your documents is important whether they are personal or our professional. Having to lose time and getting frustrated is not worth it, a good backup in case of a failed hard drive can become a ‘timely friend’.

Causes of Hard Drive Failure:

  1. Heat: The primary cause is your hard drive heating. Inadequate ventilation of heating and cooling around your computer hardware can cause several damages. Overworked hardware with little or no downtime and smoke or fire damage can wreck a system.
  2. Physical damage to your system: Any type of physical force such as bumping, jarring or dropping your computer may lead to physical damage to the hard drive. If your computer is in use at the time of the impact, the read/write may touch or gouge the disks, causing damage to the platter’s magnetic surfaces where the data is embedded. This is known as the head crash and the damage can be significant.
  3. Power voltage surges: A power surge can be caused by lightning strikes, interference with power lines, or by any event which causes the flow of energy to be interrupted and then restarted. Power surges can result in data loss.
  4. Water damage: Moisture caused by flooding or by spilling a liquid onto your computer is almost assuredly bad news. The casing that holds the hard disk drive is not designed to be a barrier against water penetration.
  5. Corrupted files: Improperly closing a program, turning off your computer before closing files can cause files to become corrupted. Power failures and accidental computer shutdowns can contribute to corrupted files and cause damage to the hard drive.
  6. Human error: The functions of the hard drive can be impaired by human tampering with the system files. Accidental deletion of files imperative to the disk drive is not uncommon. Improper installation and removal of files from the computer can cause the hard disk to malfunction.

Fix for Hard Drive Failure

Below is the fix for hard drive failures:

  1. Make sure you close all the existing and running operations.
  2. Launch ‘My computer’. In case, it is an external hard drive that you want to check, right click on the hard drive and choose properties.
  3. A window will be displayed. Go to the ‘tools tab’ and choose - error checking. You will require administrator’s permission. Fill in the password to allow.
  4. The process of scanning will start as soon as you select ‘Fix drive’.

This should fix the hard drive. But, there have been instances when it has not worked. In such cases check out the ways to recover data from failed external hard drive. Here you will find the assistance you need to completely fix your hard drive.

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