Few Interesting Facts about Android

Every cell phones differs one with another in several ways, it is because of the display, interfacing, size, and several other reasons. Based on the consumers needs, cell phone companies are trying to update new features recurrently. Users felt very easy in performing their tasks smartly and quickly when smart phones introduced into the market. For this type of soft and superior use, Android has emerged. It faces some tough competition at first, now it is ruling the Whole World in smart phones market. Know some facts about Android OS that you may not have known.

Android was not introduced by Google

In reality, the company named as Android Inc. in Palo Alto, California developed Android. Andy Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears and Rich Miner were founders of this company and established in October2003. Their intension for opening the company and developing Android was to introduce smart cell phones that were more awake of the user’s needs, location and preferences. However, founders and employees fall in financial problem for development. In that time, Google picked up Android, Inc. and its employees causing peoples to think that Google was going to try their luck in the field of mobiles. Finally, in the month of September 2007 Google reported a patent for mobile technology.

HTC G1 was the first Android phone

HTC Dream also called, as the T-Mobile G1 was the very first cell phone released using Google’s Android Operating system. However, this model of HTC phones was the main cell phone that was commenced to participate with Apple’s iPhone. The T-Mobile G1 was formally launched in the United States and the United Kingdom in October of 2008.  Now, Android runs on about 109 different phones, eReaders 6 and 80 tablets, number of mobile devices that relay on this Operating system, compared to the 5 iPhones, 3 iPads and 4 iPod’s that run on the iOS.

Android’s Operating System is based of Linux:

This is one of the most comprehensive operating system based off Linux kernel. As the most popular search engine, Google has reviewed and rated highest beyond the original basis of Linux kernel. Earlier, when Android Inc developed Android there were two updates named as Android 1.0 Astro and Android 1.1 Bender. Soon after the company was taking over by Google, each one of the Android update was named after the tasty desert in alphabetical order for user convenience. Gradually, the new update was named after delicious beverage named as 1.5 Cupcake and which has been now updated as 4.1, Jelly Bean.

Android is Open Source

Google, including with many others, is an associate of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), which attempt to develop open standards for cell phone devices. Users of mobile devices are able to preview various process linked with the development and designs of various products. However, in the case of Android OS that enables users to view the source code behind the OS, which has over 12 million lines of code.

More men than women use Android

A survey is conducted before few days back from which we came to know that Android users age lies between 18 to 44 with about 60% of them being under the age of 34. Mostly Android users use their mobiles for more than messaging and making phone calls. In addition, about 34% of their time is spent in checking their mails and 21% users use to play games with one of the top games being Angry Birds.

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