Files get Deleted Randomly after Windows 10 Upgrade [SOLVED]

So, you’ve made the decision and made an upgrade to Windows 10. You are happy with the look and feel and also excited about the return of the Start button. While you are still exploring new features, suddenly you find some of your files disappearing from the desktop. You’re frustrated and shocked, so you’re here looking for answers.

If you are in such a situation, we understand how you feel and we are here to help you. It is normal to get upset but it is important to understand the upgrade itself is not the reason for data loss. It could be possibly due to a corrupt user profile or other such reasons.

To recover your files deleted from the desktop, you can follow one of the steps below.

Solution 1: Using Windows.old folder

  1. Click on Windows + E to open File Explorer
  2. Open C: drive and search for old folder
  3. Open the folder and click on Users
  4. Select your user name and go to the desktop folder
  5. Identify the files that were deleted and copy it back to your desktop

Note: Please make sure you don’t make any changes to the Windows.old folder as it may prevent you from rolling back to a previous version of Windows (explained below).

Solution 2: Use Remo Software

If you have no luck finding deleted files in Windows.old folder, Remo data recovery software is a great way to restore them. This software can recover permanently deleted files (deleted from recycle bin), files that are deleted/lost for reasons unknown (such as randomly like in this case) or files deleted using third party tools.

The software performs a sector-wise scan of your drive to identify all deleted files and folders by identifying the deleted tag on them. The originality of data and file/folder structure is preserved in the recovery process. Thus you have no reason to worry about the tool changing your data or structure.

What’s more? Not only does the software recover files from internal hard drives, but also from external hard drives, USB pen drives, SD and other storage devices. Regard to compatibility, the software can be used with all versions of Windows including Windows 10.

Rollback to Windows 8! An option to consider if you are not happy with the upgrade

If you are not satisfied with the upgrade to Windows 10 and still worried about file deletion or other bizarre things, you can move back to Windows 8. You can do so within 10 days after the upgrade. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Settings and choose Update & Security
  2. In the Search bar, enter ‘Recovery options’
  3. Select Recovery Options > Rollback
  4. Click on Get Started
  5. Microsoft will ask you the reason for rolling back; enter a reason and proceed
  6. You will get a ‘What you need to know’ information window explaining that ‘any changes made to the settings in Windows 10 will not be saved’. Click Next to confirm and roll back.


Once you roll back, you have all your old data and settings along with the older Windows version that you are comfortable with. We hope that this blog post helps you recover deleted desktop files and also take measures (like roll back) if you are not comfortable with the new Windows 10.

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