How to Find Lost Pictures On Your Computer

There’s nothing painful than losing your treasured pictures. Be it an accidental deletion, or while transferring from one device to another or even a simple cut and paste process can make you lose your photos. Let’s look at different methods to find lost pictures from your Windows Computer.

Method 1: Dig in Your Recycle Bin

The first and foremost place to look for your deleted pictures are Recycle Bin. If you have accidentally deleted the photos and haven’t emptied the Recycle Bin, you have a chance to restore them. Go to the Recycle Bin on the Windows desktop and check for the lost pictures. If they are there, select the photos you want to recover then right-click and select “Restore”. This will restore the deleted files on their original location.

Method 2: Restore Deleted Pictures from Previous Versions

Windows does an automatic backup of all files and folders for restoring purpose.  These files and folders can be restored through Previous Versions or Shadow Copies. To restore your lost or deleted pictures, go to the folder where they were saved before deletion. Right-click on the folder, and to “Restore Previous Versions”. Here you’ll find the list of the files and folders. You can even preview the pictures before restoring just to ensure that you are recovering the right photos. To do this, click on the image, choose Open. If that’s the image you want to recover, click on the restore button. This will restore the images to their original location. If there is no restore option but can open the photo, then you can save it in a different location or folder.

Method 3: Data Recovery Software

Another way to get back your lost pictures is to use a data recovery software. It has an option where you can recover the images based on file types. The software can retrieve different image file types like JPEG, PNG etc. It can recover RAW images as well. The software can recover photos lost during transfer, accidental deletion or file corruption due to virus attack. It can also recover files lost after cut and paste. And, the process of cut paste recovery isn’t hard as many of you think.

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