Why is My Memory Card Not Working (Troubleshoot for Corrupted or Damaged SD card)?

In this article, we are going to discuss the signs of SD card corruption. In other words, understanding whether your SD card is corrupted or not. So by knowing the symptoms of SD card corruption, we can safeguard our important data to avoid data loss crisis and also we can take immediate action to avoid the card corruption.

Before proceeding there are few unspoken scenarios for example, sometimes SD card works on camera but does not work on Computer. It simply means that the card reader is damaged. If this is what you are experiencing, just switch the SD card reader or SD card adapter and try again.

How do I know if my SD card is working?

In almost all situations, the SD card is damaged because the file system is damaged or the Master Boot Record is corrupted. File system and Maser Boot Record are like bookkeepers to your SD card. When you access your SD card from any device, the device operating system will access the files through the SD card File system and MBR. Hence either of them is damaged, your SD card will be marked as corrupted or simply inaccessible.

Here are a few signs which confirm that the SD card is damaged or Corrupted. Prior to considering the following scenarios confirm the memory card reader status. Only after confirming that the card reader is properly working, consider the following situations.

  • Unreadable SD card while trying to access the data saved on it. An error message encounters stating, cannot read from the device
  • SD card will be displayed as a RAW drive. (SD card will be displayed in the windows explorer but in the details it will be marked as RAW)
  • Windows Explorer will display a Blank SD card or an Unsupported file system.
  • Format error after inserting the card to PC. Either Computer will prompt a box asking you to format the SD card.

These are a few of the most common signs that say that your SD card is damaged. However, there are a few complex and not so often memory card errors. Which are

These are some of the symptoms of SD memory card corruption. There are a number of ways using which you can fix this card corruption. However, when it comes to your data on the card, it is always recommended you use a reliable SD card recovery software to safeguard your data from a damaged card and escape from data loss disasters. To avoid card corruption, you need to know the reasons behind it.

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What do you do if your SD card is not working?

Obviously, any expert's first suggestion is going to be to fix a damaged SD card. However, in all the above-discussed situations the only aspect which is at risk is your Data. Additionally, fixing an SD card will not recover the data, it is always suggested to recover the data from SD card before repair it.

Further, Windows and Mac have various utilities to fix an SD card for example disk part on Windows and First Aid on Mac. But, there is not even a single tool to recover data from SD card. Hence, you need a data recovery software.

In all the above-mentioned situations, all the errors are related to the SD card file system or MBR. And, it is almost impossible to manually access the corrupted SD card.

Hence, considering all the technicalities it is highly suggested to use data recovery software. Since Remo data recover software is developed under excruciating real-time testing scenarios, Remo is the best program to recover deleted photos from SD card from any of the complex data loss scenarios.

Causes of SD card corruption:

  • Virus/malware attack
  • Using the same card on multiple systems often
  • Abrupt removal card during the file transfer process
  • Bad sector formation
  • Mistakes or interruptions while changing card format
  • Taking pictures or videos when the memory card is full
  • File system error

So, if your card and its data are important to you then it required to maintain it properly.

Follow the below Tips to Avoid SD card Corruption or Damage

  • Format the card as soon as you purchase it
  • Instead of one big card, maintain multiple small cards
  • Always safely eject the card
  • Turn off the camera or phone before removing SD card
  • Don’t use the same card on various devices
  • Regularly scan your card to avoid virus infections

Hopefully, this article helped you to understand what makes SD card damage and how to know whether it is damaged. So from now maintain your card properly and if any of the symptoms found on your card then first save data to the safe location and then fix the card.

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