Five Simple Ways to Prevent Corruption of Outlook PST File

Outlook is one of Microsoft’s leading messaging and collaboration client. It is a stand-alone application that is included in Microsoft Office and Exchange Server. Many users are utilizing this application, which helps you to communicate and share information effectively. In addition, it helps you to search and organize information so that you can work effortlessly with office application. Because of all these advantages, we can say Outlook is the perfect client for many business users. Outlook contains many attributes such as inbox items, deleted items, calendar items, RSS feeds, notes, tasks etc. It stores all this information by forming respective folders in a PST file- Personal Storage File. This file is highly prone to corruption and makes your Outlook application inaccessible. Finally, you end up losing emails and other Outlook attributes.

Therefore, in order to prevent corruption of Outlook PST file follow below-mentioned precautions:

  • Avoid having large sized PST files:                                                                                                                                           

 In every version of Outlook application, the different predefined size limit for storing information in PST file. Outlook 2002 and later versions support PST file size up to 2GB. If you store data by exceeding this limit then the PST file gets corrupt. Similarly, in latest versions of Outlook i.e. Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 supports up to 20GB, but their PST file starts behaving abnormally soon as they reach 15 GB. Therefore, it is recommended to all users that not to store data beyond predefined size limits of PST files. 

  • Do not exit Outlook abnormally:

Closing Outlook application abruptly such as without following the proper exit of Outlook before shutting down PC corrupts Outlook PST file. Whenever you are shutting down PC just make sure that Outlook application is running or not, if it is running wait for process gets complete and exit Outlook application.

  • Never save your PST file on the server:

It is a best practice of saving PST file in your PC rather than in a network device or server. If you save them in a server then they will easily prone to virus attacks and gets corrupt. 

  • PST files highly prone to virus and malware attacks:

Outlook PST files easily get corrupt by these virus and malware attacks and result in data loss. Therefore, never share data from other users without ensuring it is free from threats and scan your system regularly with updated antivirus tool.  

  • Maintain regular backups of PST file: It is a practice to overcome Outlook PST file corruption and data loss is back up. Therefore, regularly backups PST files and avoid data loss.

Even though following above-mentioned precautions, your Outlook PST file gets corrupt and you lose any data such as inbox items, deleted items, notes etc. In such case, use Remo Repair Outlook PST that rapidly fix damaged Outlook PST file that belongs to any version of Outlook application in a simple way.

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