Fix "An unknown error occurred, error code 0x8004011d" in Outlook


If you’re using an exchange account for your Outlook, there may be certain synchronization issues. Meaning, when your internet connection is interrupted, you can still access all your emails and other data that has been previously downloaded. You can work offline like compose messages, add contacts, etc. Later when a connection is established, your emails will be sent and data is synced.

One such error in Outlook is ‘Task Exchange Server reported error 0X8004011d: The server is not available. Contact your administrator if the condition persists’. There are some manual methods to fix this issue and they are explained in this article.

  1. Check if the information stores are mounted

To resolve this issue, check to see if the information stores are mounted.

  • Go to Exchange Manager > Servers > Server name > First storage group
  • Right-click on the mailbox store and select Mount store if it is dismounted
  1. Perform a database check

Sometimes you will be thrown an error code if the database is dirty. Hence, performing a database check to verify.

C:\Program files\Exchsrvr>bin\eseutil/mh mdbdata\priv1.edb

Doing the check reports the status of the database. If you see the status ‘Dirty’, then make sure all transaction logs from the checkpoint are present and then mount the stores as described above.

  • If you don’t see the logs, repair the database using Eseutil /p. This step may result in data loss; hence it is a good idea to backup before proceeding.
  • Then run Eseutil /d to defrag the database.
  • Run Information Store Integrity Checker Isinteg.exe –fix

These commands will fix problems with a dirty database and allow the stores to be mounted again.

Also, make sure there is at least twice the database file size as free space in the drive.

  1. An issue with OST file

This issue can occur if your OST file is corrupt. OST files are data files to store a synchronized of your mailbox information on your local computer. Accounts such as Office 365, Exchange Accounts, accounts use OST files.

Interruptions during the synchronization process when Outlook is upgraded, your OST file may be damaged and lead to errors. In such cases, you can convert the file to a PST format which is easy to work with and provide import options.

Remo OST to PST converter is one of the best tools to convert your OST file. It is a read-only tool that extracts the contents of your OST file to fix issues and converts it to a healthy PST file. All attributes such as emails, contacts, appointments, calendars, etc. can be recovered using the tool.

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It is compatible with the OST file created on Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

On the other hand, your Outlook data may be stored in the form of a PST file in the case of POP accounts. These files can also get corrupt due to various reasons. Remo Software provides a tool called Remo Repair PST to repair your PST files. This tool can also be used when the Outlook data file cannot be accessed.

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