Fixing Regular Audio/Video Issues

The increasing practice of video calling and internet calling has given rise to a need for higher data transfer rate. Some of the major commercial practices involve a number of internet calling and video conferencing. To bring it home, we have now started it as a general calling habit and so prioritized internet calling over conventional calling. Many times during internet calling, there are a number of issues related to audio and video transmission. You should have a plan to troubleshoot common audio/video issues.

To know how to fix some of the most common audio/video issues continue reading this article.

1 Check the bandwidth requirement by testing the speed.

2 Also, run the Opentok connectivity test and WebRTC check as these are underlying components.

3 Make sure that Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox are up-to-date.

4 Be sure to select the right web camera and microphone.

Making sure that all the above-mentioned points will suffice because each of these points can affect the audio/video quality. Read on to know more.

1. Video Freeze or Audio Lag:

It’s well-known fact that internet bandwidth speed affects audio and video quality. To add to all this if you are downloading or streaming while you are on a video call then there are a few things you ought to keep in mind.

(i) A wired connection is recommended instead of Wi-Fi especially if you are on video chat.

(ii) The connection of other participants and more the number of people then it only makes it important for you to test for slower speed.

2. An Echo or Other Audio Feedback:

Whenever your microphone picks up sounds from the room, it creates a feedback loop. So, make sure every participant is using headphones or has a headset on so that it does not echo.

3. Audio and Video Out of Sync:

This is where for example the audio is for 60 seconds and the video lasts only for 40 seconds. Then, your audio and video are out of sync. The one other place where one generally suffers audio and video out of sync issues is with their mp4. Read this article to know exactly how to go about repairing mp4 audio video out of sync issues. The step by step guide will assuredly be of use.

Along with this the other issues similar are, you call on the telephone but you are unable to hear anyone else talking.

Also, the other common issue is, you can hear others but no one can hear you. Generally, when you come across something like this know that it is related to your microphone. So, make sure you check and test your microphone thoroughly.

4. Install Missing Plugins:

Sometimes, even though you have the right video player installed to play videos and audio files but you may be missing the required plugins especially if the media is already fixed in the web page.

Whenever there is a missing plugin you will see a message that will show replacing the content. If something like this shows up “plugin is required in the display of this content”. This message clearly shows that the missing plugin has not been installed on your system. If there is no link available to download the required plugin does then, the other option is to install the needed plugin manually.

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