How to Fix Common Microsoft Outlook Issues

Are you losing out on time trying to fix common Microsoft Outlook issues? It’s understandable as emails and files stored on the server all of it is important. If you are losing out your email account, Outlook is stuck, or freezes.  Relax! Stressing doesn’t get the solution. Fixing it is not as difficult as it seems.

Sometimes, when you are troubleshooting to get your Outlook issues sorted you should know that Microsoft Outlook 2010 provides you with some options to change the configuration of your email account along with managing its data. One such option is ‘work offline mode’. This can be used, if the user does not want to connect to the mail server. But if your Outlook is not opening in work offline mode remember, you can easily repair work offline error in outlook 2010.

Read this article to know how to fix these common Microsoft issues. You can start with…

1. Check if Outlook is Up-to-Date:

An out-of-date installation can be a reason for Outlook unrest. To fix this first, find out which version of Outlook and Windows is installed on your system. Once checked, get both Windows and Outlook to run on updated versions.

2. Office Outlook will not open personal folders:

Personal folders are often the main cause of many problems related to Outlook. Microsoft has published inbox repair tools that can be used to scan .pst and .ost Files for errors in the files structure. If this is not intact, it will reset the file structure and rebuild the headers. This tool will only work on the files that reside on your computer’s hard drive, not the files on the Microsoft Exchange Server. This will also help to resolve the error message “cannot open your default email folder”.

3. Use Command Line Switches:

If you are unable to open up a particular program, you can use command line switches to manipulate certain options and settings in order to get things up and running. To do so, enter the following strings into command prompt window or directly into the Windows 10 search bar.

  • Outlook/resetnavpane will reset the programs Navigation Pane, a common source of several prominent issues.
  • Outlook/reset folders will restore any missing folder at any default delivery location.
  • Outlook/cleanreminders will remove any alarms and events attached to the Outlook calendar, which can solve certain startup issues.

4. Disable active Add-ins:

If you can open Outlook while, using Safe Mode but problems persist when it is deactivated, one of your add-ins might be at fault. This situation is often accompanied by an error message related to a particular add-in, but the instructions given in that message aren’t likely to fix the problem.

Instead, start Outlook in Safe Mode and disable all add-ins by navigating to File > Option > Add-ins. Open the program again without Safe Mode activated to check that it works. Then, activate each add-in individually to see which Add-in is at fault.

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