Fix Conversion Pop-up Window while Opening Corrupt Word Document

You worked on a Word document all day long and saved it on the desktop. When you tried to access it in the morning, you get a prompt “Convert file from” and there are 10 options in front of you.

Some of these options are “MS-DOS text”, “Rich text format”, “HTML”,“Word document” and so on. Despite clicking on all the options mentioned, you could not get your data back from the Word file. It was completely empty.

Several users have experienced this issue and were not able to extract any data from their Word documents. The Word file could be corrupted and hence your data is not visible.

Reasons for Word file corruption

  • Round Tripping: When your Word document is converted from one format to another and back repeatedly, round tripping occurs. Ex: Word to RTF to Word or Word to PDF to Word.
  • Accessing file from CD/DVD/Flash Disks: When you are storing, accessing and saving a Word document on your CD/DVD, these files can become corrupted. CD/DVDs are useful for transferring files to other devices. Make sure you have a copy of Word documents on your hard drive as well.
  • Macro Virus: Macros are series of commands that are executed to automate some tasks. Macros need to be executed by systems which can interpret these commands. A macro virus spreads through e-mail attachments, USB drives, networks, and internet.


  1. On Microsoft Word
  • Go to Word -> Preferences -> General.
  • Now make sure that you haven’t ticked the option “Confirm conversions at open”.

Ensure your Word document has the correct file extension. The file extension tells your system what content is present in the file and how to open it. If the extension is wrong, Word may not figure out what it contains and hence will ask you.

If the file structure is corrupted, even if you select the correct encoding, Word may not be able to decode all the content properly.

  1. Remo Repair Word

You can repair an unreadable Word file quite easily using Remo Repair Word software.

The software can repair all kinds of Word documents. It successfully recovers text, formatting, OLE objects, other fields including your hyperlinks from corrupt Word files.

The best part of Remo Repair Word is its read-only feature. It reads from the original file and copies the contents to a new healthy file, thus ensuring that your original corrupt Word document is still intact.

Once the repair process is complete, you can view the file using Preview feature.

You can recover text from corrupt Word document by following few simple steps.

The user interface of Remo Repair Word is pretty simple. You can repair your Word files within no time!

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