Fix corrupted PS4 Database [Pro Gamer’s Tip]

You and your clan are ripping the enemies apart, you are about to hit your score streak just one more kill you hit the nuke but all of a sudden your mom comes and yanks the power chord. Story of every gamer, but that’s not the worst thing when you turned the PS4 on you noticed an error saying “the database is corrupted restart the PS4 '' or corrupted data”. The error codes such as CE-34875-7 or NP-32062-3 codes mean games stored on the PS4 storage drive are corrupted. Whatever it might be, you can fix them with the help of this article, follow the article for a detailed explanation on how to fix a corrupted PS4 database.

Two commons Errors on PS4 and How to Fix Them

The Database is Corrupted on PS4:

It means the error occurred on the storage drive. Some of the standard signs that your PlayStation 4 database corrupted or damaged are as following

  • Sluggish performance
  • Longer loading screens
  • Drop is FPS
  • Takes longer than usual time to switch on or off
  • Finally, the error saying “PS4 database corrupted. Restart the PS4”

To fix the error all you need to do is to rebuild the database. The technicality of the Rebuilding PS4 database is similar to the defragmentation of the hard drive on your computer.

The PS4 Data Corruption

It means that the game stored on the storage drive is corrupted or the console is unable to load the saved game. Typically, when a game is corrupted you can encounter the following situations

  • PS4 cannot start the application or game
  • Sometimes game automatically exits to the home screen
  • The game logo will be replaced with Broken file Icon
  • Error code such as CE-34875-7 or NP-32062-3

To fix the corrupted data error you need to uninstall and install the game all over again. Unfortunately, sometimes you might even lose your entire game data including save progress, checkpoints, and achievements. Nevertheless, you can recover the lost saved files from the PS4 database using a data recovery software or from the PS4 plus cloud if you have enabled the Sync.

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How to Rebuild the PS4 Database and Fix Corrupted PS4 Database? 

Firstly, power off your PlayStation 4 and wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes after turning off. Now boot the PS4 in safe mode.

To boot PS4 in safe mode you need to hold the power button for 10 sec or till you hear 2 beeps. 

After launching in safe mode you will see the following options on the screen 

  1. Restart the PS4
  2. Change resolution
  3. Update system software
  4. Restore default settings
  5. Rebuild database
  6. Initialize PS4
  7. Initialize PS4 (Reinstall system software)

Connect your dual shock 4 controllers to your PS4 and navigate to the Rebuild Database option and select it. However, rebuilding might take a lot of time so be patient and wait for the process to complete. Rebuilding the Database will not alter any existing games or DLCs. 

How to Fix Data Corrupted Error on PlayStation 4?

The only way that you can fix corrupted data error is to uninstall the faulty game or it might also be due to an expired license. To correct that Corrupted Data error, you have two options.

  • Restore the license of the game
  • Delete the game and reinstall

Restore Licence:

Usually licensing on PS4 never expires but it might happen due to loss of sync between your PS4 and account settings due to shady internet connection. 

To restore the license go to Settings > Account management 

In the account management window, you will see the following options

  1. Sign out
  2. Account information
  3. Privacy settings
  4. Link with other services
  5. Activate as your primary PS4
  6. Restore licence

Click on the Restore Licence. Restart the PS4 and check the data which is marked as corrupted. If the error still exists, then move on to the next method.

Delete and Reinstall the Game

To do this all you have to do is go to Notification > Download > select the corrupted data file(usually with a broken file symbol). Click on options on your Dualshock 4 and select the delete option to delete it. Download and reinstall the game.

Few Important pointers to properly maintain a PS4 

Switch Off your PlayStation when not in use

Admit it we never properly switch off our PlayStations. If you leave the PS4 switched on the internals will still be working and might result in deteriorating the performance of PS4 in the long run. This can really take a toll, especially on the hard drives.

Regular Database Rebuild

Rebuilding the database not only corrects the errors related to storage drive but also clears any errors that are related to corrupted data. Considering the fact that while playing the game the storage drive is running at its highest capacity, rebuilding the database regularly will help in enhancing the performance of your PS4. 


Hands down PS4 is the best gaming console in existence however, that doesn’t mean it is resilient to harsh handling.  Improper handling of PS4 might lead to corrupting the database or corrupting the games or any existing data on it. Fortunately, PS4’s rebuild utility is the best self-correcting tool. Using Rebuild database utility will clear almost all errors that include storage drive error and also corrupted data errors. If you are able to fix the Corrupted PS4 database error with the help of this article please share it.  

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