How to Fix Corrupted SD Card or Pen Drive

There cannot be anything worse than having a corrupted SD card or pen drive! You lose access to your photos, video files, songs, and other data present in the pen drive / SD card. The last thing you would wish for is your portable storage device lying damaged with important files stored in it.

Relax, that’s not the end; it is possible to fix corrupted SD card / pen drive! We have listed out few methods you can try out to quickly fix corrupted SD cards or pen drives. For SD card, you can use a card reader / insert it into the slot provided in the computer. If it’s a microSD card, then use an adapter.

Tip: Make sure you stop using the corrupted pen drive or SD card before you start with the repair process, as you risk losing data.

Quick Ways to Fix Corrupted SD card / Pen drive –

Fix 1: Test it on another PC

This is the simplest test. There probably could be a specific issue with the PC, and not with the memory card or pen drive. So connect your SD card or the flash drive to another computer, and see if it works fine. If yes, then you can backup data from it.

Fix 2: Changing the drive letter

At times, computer won’t be able to assign drive letters to storage media (like D, E, F…). Files cannot be accessed from the storage media due to this. So what to do next? You can assign the drive letter to your storage device. Yes, follow these steps to fix corrupt SD card / pen drive by assigning drive letter –

  • Connect your storage device to the computer
  • Right click on This PC / My Computer, and click Manage
  • Click Disk Management, and wait so that Windows loads the Virtual disk service
  • Now right click on your storage device, and select Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • Click on the drive letter (it turns blue), and click Change
  • Next select the drive letter from the drop-down list, and hit OK

Fix 3: Reinstalling drivers

If the drivers which run flash drive get corrupted, then the computer won’t be able to detect the storage device. Under such a situation, you can reinstall the drivers. Here is the guide to go about it –

  • Right click on This PC or My Computer, and select Manage
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Double click Disk drives in the list. Next, right click on the name of your memory card / pen drive
  • Click Uninstall followed by OK
  • Disconnect storage medium from the computer, and restart the system
  • Now connect the storage device again to the computer, and see if it is working fine

Fix 4: Using chkdsk to repair corrupted SD card / pen drive

You have to carry out this process with caution, as this method will forcefully format corrupted pen drive or memory card.

  • Plugin the SD card / pen drive to the computer
  • Go to the Start menu, and type cmd in the search bar, hit Enter. The Command Prompt window opens
  • Type diskpart in the window, and hit Enter
  • Now type list disk and press Enter. The list of storage mediums connected to the system will be displayed.
  • Type select disk <the number of your disk> (for eg- select disk 1), and hit Enter

(Caution: Be careful to enter the number correctly. Otherwise, the internal hard drive might get formatted. Type list disk again in order to check if you are going correctly.)

  • Type clean, press Enter
  • Next, type create partition primary, and hit Enter
  • Type active
  • Type select partition 1
  • Finally, type format fs=fat32, and hit Enter

The format operation will complete in a while. If you want to format drives larger than 4GB, then write NTFS, instead of FAT32. And most importantly, do not close the window till the entire process is completed.

If you don’t have a backup of files present in the SD card or pen drive, then you lose them after format. For recovering photos from formatted SD card, you ca use Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Media edition tool. However, with these steps you can have a healthy card with you.

As soon as you format your card or it becomes inaccessible, try to recover data from it. Never try to store any new files onto it. This may erase your data completely. Once, you recover your data from these corrupt drives, you can go ahead with the fixing process. These methods surely would fix the issues with your SD card or pen drive.

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