How to Fix Corrupted SD Card via CHKDSK

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Struggling with a corrupt SD Card? Wondering how you can fix a Corrupted SD Card? Don't worry in this article we will explain how you can fix a corrupted SD card using chkdsk.

There is nothing worse than your SD card getting corrupted. All your important video files, pictures, music files, documents, and other data on the card become inaccessible. You don’t want a corrupted SD card lying around with all your vital data stored in it, and lying around useless, right?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. It is possible to fix a corrupt SD card. In this article, we will explain how to fix a corrupted SD Card via CHKDSK.

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Steps to Fix Corrupted Sd card using chkdsk Command

Connect the corrupted SD card with the PC via a suitable card reader and follow the below steps to fix SD card errors using chkdsk command:

  • Click on the Start option from the Windows taskbar and select Computer.
  • Search for your SD card under Devices with Removable Storage and note the drive letter assigned.
  • Click the Start option again and type "cmd" in the search box.
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  • A command window will open, type "chkdsk" followed by the drive letter corresponding to the SD card, then by a colon and /f. (e.g., chkdsk E: /f)
  • Now press the Enter button. Chkdsk will check for possible errors and try to fix the corrupt SD card. Next, follow the subsequent message prompts.

The fixing process will take some time depending on the severity of corruption, and the storage size of the card. Once the repair process is completed, you can exit the command prompt window, and check your SD card. The corruption should be fixed.

At times, if the corruption is too severe, and Chkdsk cannot fix the SD card, then you have to format the card in order to fix the corruption. But formatting the card erases all data present in it. Thus, you lose all files stored on the SD card. Worried? Don’t be; it is possible to get back data from a formatted SD card with the help of Remo Recover software. Yes, the tool scans the memory card to locate the erased files and recovers them easily.

Not only that, but the application also helps to recover data from damaged memory cards even if you don’t have a backup. This Card Recovery tool comes in handy to get back files from corrupted, formatted, inaccessible, RAW memory cards with ease. All your photos, videos, documents, and other data present on the card will be retrieved in just a few minutes. It supports data recovery from various memory card brands like Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, and many others.

Let's quickly move into the next topic in which we have explained how you can recover your data caused by various data loss scenarios from your corrupted SD card using Remo Recover.

How to Recover Data from Corrupt SD Card

Follow the below steps to recover data from your corrupted SD Card with ease:

  • Download and install the Remo Recover software on your computer.
  • Connect the corrupted SD Card to the computer using a suitable card reader and launch the software.
  • Select the corrupted SD card and click on Scan.
Fix SD Card Via chkdsk

Note: If you are unable to find the SD Card, click on the Can’t Find Drive? option.

  • Once the scan starts you can click on the Dynamic Recovery View to recover the lost file during the scanning process itself.
Click On Dyanamic Recovery View
  • After the scanning process, you can see your lost data under the Lost and Found folder or Lost Partition folder.
corrupted Sd card data will listed
  • Double-click on any file to Preview the recovered files such as documents, PPT, excel sheets, photos, videos, etc.
Double click to preview
  • If you are satisfied with the recovery results, select the files which you want to restore and hit the Recover button to save them at your desired location.
Save the recovered files

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chkdsk safe for SD card?

Chkdsk cmd is good at finding SD card file system corruption errors and removing bad sectors from it. This is also the most appropriate way to repair the SD card without formatting it.

Is it possible to repair/fix a corrupted SD card?

Yes, you can fix your corrupted SD card using Chkdsk and by formatting it. Although formatting fixes corrupt SD cards, the process deletes all your data stored in your SD card. You can recover your formatted SD card by using a professional SD card recovery software like Remo Recover.

Will CHKDSK recover data?

No, it is not a data recovery tool and will not recover lost or damaged files. CHKDSK will simply ensure the information currently on the disk is in a consistent and safe state.

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