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How to fix cyclic Redundancy error on external hard drive

Cyclic Redundancy error well known as CRC is an error detection code which identifies and gives hint about changes occurred in your RAW data.

Reasons for CRC Error on External Hard Drive-

  • Shutting down the computer while external hard drive is connected to it
  • Ejecting the external hard drive while writing process is being carried out
  • Presence of bad sectors on portable HDD
  • Severely infected by virus or existence of malware

Steps to Resolve CRC Error on External Hard Drive:

There are various methods to fix the Cyclic Redundancy Error on External HDD. Here are a couple of handy techniques for resolving CRC error:

Technique #1- Fix using Built-in Check Disk Utility

Computer has built in program to find and fix system errors. Even, this tool helps in eliminating bad sectors. Let’s see how to use Disk Utility to fix the CRC error-

  1. Connect external hard drive to computer and select it
  2. Right click on it and select Properties from the context menu
  3. In the properties window, select “Tools” tab
  4. Then, under error checking, click on “Check Now” button
  5. From the next window, select both “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” and click on “Start” button
  6. Wait until you get a dialogue box stating that –


Technique #2 –Removing CRC Error using CHKDSK Command

  • Open command prompt and type chkdsk *(external hard drive letter)
  • Then type chkdsk E: /f, to find and fix errors

Command Line Check Disk options or Parameters:

Technique #3 – Removing Errors through Quick Format

If above mentioned method fails to resolve CRC error, then format your external hard drive. Select external hard drive and right click on that. From the pop-up menu, click on “Format” button. I know, what you’re thinking? Yes, formatting erases all the data, but you can get back your data from external hard drive using Remo Hard Drive Recovery software. The software also restores data from computer hard drive that is formatted to resolve CRC error. Hence, you can just go ahead and format the drive and fix issues.

By using above mentioned methods, you will probably fix CRC error on external hard drive and even make it accessible. Once it comes back to working state, backup all the data except in case of formatting. Because there is no guarantee that again you will not come across CRC error on external hard drive.

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