Fix Flash Drive showing Up as CD Drive

What if your flash drive is recognized as CD drive instead of the removable disk when it is connected to the computer? Surprised!! Yes, it happens, maybe some of you already faced this kind of situation. When flash drive appears as a CD drive, you won’t be able to access any data stored on it. Flash drive turns as a CD drive when it gets corrupted due to any reason. Then, what should be done to fix this issue?

Well! first, you need to take out data from the flash drive that is appearing as a CD Drive. Next is to reformat the drive to rebuild its file system so that you can access it easily.

Phase #1: Recovering Data from Flash Drive that shows up as CD Drive

In order to recover data from flash drive, you need to use a reliable data recovery software. I will recommend you to use Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software as it can perform quick recovery of data from the flash drive and also offers easy to use GUI with the self-explained options. Moreover, it will help you to recover data from USB flash drive even after formatting. Here are the steps to recover data from flash drive shows up as CD Drive using Remo Hard Drive Recovery software-

  1. Download, install and run Remo Hard Drive Recovery software
  2. Select Partition Recovery and then choose the flash drive
  3. When software displays recovered files, preview them
  4. Finally, select and save required files

Now, it’s time to fix flash drive shows up as CD drive issue by formatting the drive.

Phase #2: Fixing Flash Drive Shows Up as CD Drive

In order to fix the issue, you have to format the flash drive. Normally, formatting will be done like this-

  1. Select the flash drive, right click on it
  2. Then, choose format option from the drop-down menu

But, in this case, this method won’t help you to format the drive. To format the flash drive, you need to utilize Disk Management tool. It helps to create, delete, resize and format the flash drive easily. Follow the below guide to formatting the flash drive that shows up as CD Drive.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel-> Administrative tools
  2. Click on Create and format hard disk partitions
  3. In the Disk Management window, right-click on flash drive and hit “Format”
  4. It opens Format window, here you need to type volume label and file system
  5. Finally, press Format button from the bottom of the window

It will take few seconds to complete formatting process. After completion, remove and reconnect the flash drive to the computer and now check whether it is appearing as a removable disk or CD drive.
Note: If you are unable to access files even though your USB drive shows full, learn how to get back your USB drive to its original state and access files easily.

In case, Disk Management tool fails to format the drive, then you have to use third-party partition manager software to erase the flash drive.

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