How to fix Grainy and Blurry Images on Photoshop?

Are you finding trouble with grainy or blurry images and wondering how to fix them? Photoshop is a reliable and well-known photo editing software that can fix most photo-related issues. This article will help you understand how to fix grainy and blurry images on Photoshop.
Grains are often seen in a photo due to high noise levels and low brightness. On the other hand, blurry images are low on quality and have a very minimal definition.  Let us understand the common problems with these photos.

What makes photos Grainy and Blurry?

There are various photographic conditions that make your image grainy or blurry. This is dependent on numerous scenarios.

  1. Grainy Photos  - In the case of grainy photos, the noise level is comparatively higher than usual, having a higher noise level affects the sharpness and clarity of the image. The following are the factors that contribute to the grains in the images.
  2. ISO - ISO plays an important role while the lighting is low in your camera, the higher the ISO is, the higher the noise level in a camera will be. This impacts on the picture being grainy and reduce the sharpness and quality detail of the picture 
  3. Light Condition - Light condition plays a very important role, as the brightness of the picture is determined by the lighting of the near surrounding. For instance, when you take a selfie or a picture during an eve or night, the light condition influences the brightness, and the outcome of the photo is usually grainy 
  4. Camera type - The type of camera being used is also influential towards a grainy picture, a camera having small sensors tends to reduce the sharpness of the image. These types of cameras have very low sensitivity in low-light places.
  5. Blurry Photos - As we all know blurry images have very low image quality and no definition at all. Let us understand the usual reasons for blurry or shaken images.
  6. Blurry photo due to movement of the camera or subject - The image often turns blurry when the subject in the prime focus or the camera moves while the picture is being captured. Likewise, the range of motion cameras also influences the photo of the primary target.
  7. Out of focus - When the lens is not aligned according to the subject, the image turns out blurry once captured. It can also be that the focus is not on the primary object or person, the images could be blurred as it merges with the background

In the section below you will understand simple solutions on how to fix grainy and blurry images on Photoshop effortlessly. The solution has separate solution methodologies on how to fix them

How to Fix Grainy Photos in Photoshop?

Being a reliable photo editing application, Photoshop can help you fix the photos with high noise levels of your grainy image effortlessly. It is also capable of enhancing certain photo attributes like sharpness, brightness, etc.

  • Open your grainy image in Adobe Photoshop
  • On the top bar, click on Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise
  • In the Reduce Noise window adjust the three sliders – Strength, reduce Colour noise, and Sharpen Details until you get to reduce the grains and obtain the required quality.
  • You can view the outcome in the Preview box on the right side by checking the Remove JPEG Artefact box
  • Click OK and save the edited image.

How to make a Blurred Picture Clear using Photoshop

Photoshop has an automatic camera shake reduction tool, which is helpful to make a blurry image clearer and better.

Use automatic camera blur reduction option

  • Open the blurred image that needs alteration.
  • Select Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction. Photoshop automatically analyses the region of the image best suited for shake reduction, determines the nature of the blur, and advises on the appropriate corrections to the entire image. The corrected image is displayed for your review in the Shake Reduction dialog.

Blur trace

Photoshop provides you with blue trace option to reduce the blurry part of the image in the various side of the picture. This option has multiple effects on it.

Advanced blur trace

This option allows the user to make the finest blur shake reduction on Photoshop and make the picture brighter and clearer.

Blur Trace Bounds

The Blur trace bounds setting allows the user to adjust the value of the bund size of the blur trace.

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The article summarizes the simplest methods for fixing a grainy or a blurry picture. The noise level and the shake reduction features play a vital role in fixing the picture or making it look less grainy. But using Photoshop, you will be able to fix any grainy, blurry image only to an extent. Most of the problems can be prevented by following certain precautions while capturing the picture like adjusting the ISO or using Auto mode.

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