How to Fix Hard Drive Problems on Windows 10

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Many times we become the victim of the error “Windows detected a hard disk problem” while working in your Windows 10. There are several reasons behind this annoying message from Windows. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this serious error and try to fix hard drive problems of your computer.

What is “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error?

This error is precautionary measure from the windows to alert you about the vulnerability of your computer system. The error occurs when your hard drive is not functioning properly. The Windows error message indicates you the sever issues related to your hard drive.

Apart from being annoying and a constant disturbance in your work, this error is a call for action from your end. Try to fix the problem with this drive as soon as possible in order to save the integrity of your data. The many causes for the windows hard disk error message are:

  • The hard disk may be in a state of failure.
  • The data in your hard disk may be on the verge of getting corrupt.
  • The operating system may be getting dysfunctional.
  • The system files can be corrupt.
  • The computer operation may be facing hangs.

Reasons of Hard Disk Problem

The windows hard disk problem is an outcome of malfunctioning of the hard drive. But it may also be caused out of system files, RAM failure, Registry error etc. Let’s have a look at the possible reasons for the hard disk problem in your windows 10:

  • System Files Error – There are several causes which can cause system file error. An incomplete installation or un-installation of the program, important system files deletion or improper operation of a system program, registry error, fragmented files etc. This all cause corruption of missing links during the operation of the system. This stops the system to function correctly giving rise to system file error.
  • Hard Disk error/Bad Sectors – There are several sectors that can go bad in the logical partition of hard disk. Hard disk showing 0 bytes error and also, there can be mechanical malfunctioning of  the hard disk. These problems create bad sectors on the hard disk. It is one of the most severe issues with the hard disk as well as a threat to the data available on your computer.
  • Virus Damage – Some of the most common errors include a virus attack in your system. Once, the virus has spread through the system, it is likely that your entire system is infected. The use of antivirus is just to keep the damage in check, but the basic damage is generally not repaired. In such cases, the system file corruption and damage to the registry is a natural occurrence. This can hinder the functionality of your system to a great extent.
  • User Damage – The damage due to improper operation of a system may lead to the hard drive error. It might look insignificant, but plays an important role in damaging the hard drive. It is generally done unintentionally from the user side which proves to be a disaster sometimes. This damage may include improper shutdown, modification of system registry settings, change in system file locations, improper plugins, or even be careful while cleaning up hard drive.
  • Physical Damage – Physical damage to your hard drive may cause such error message from Windows. Overheating, dysfunctional cooling mechanism and physical jerks may cause the hard drive to not work properly. At such instances, the Windows will show the error message.

Note: Any Physical damage or logical damage to the hard disk can make it unbootable. If your hard disk refuses to boot. click on this link to find out how to recover data from an unbootable hard disk.

Fix Windows 10 Hard Disk Problem

As soon as you receive this alert from your Windows, take immediate action. This may be a temporary error, but it is better to take some precaution than losing your data. There are several ways to check and fix the error.

Learn how to fix Windows 10 hard disk problem here;

Check Security & Maintenance:

  • Open Control Panel and click on Security and Maintenance.
  • Click (tap) on Maintenance and look for Drive Status – This will show you the health of your current drive and a list of issues.
  • You can scan the drive if there are any issues.

Check Using Drive Property:

  • Click on 'This PC' and open it in file explorer.
  • Right Click (press and hold) on the Drive and go to Properties.
  • Go to the Tool tab and click Check – you will see the button in Error Checking section of the tab.
  • If errors found it will prompt to Repair the Drive.
  • If no errors found, Windows will prompt to scan the Drive.
  • As the Scan is finished, click on Show Details link to view the SFC log.

Use 'chk disk' in command prompt

  • Open command prompt – Type Win + X or run cmd as an Administrator.
  • Type chk disk followed by the drive letter in the following format:- chk disk C: /D

For offline scan and fix – use chk disk C: /D/offlinescanandfix

Use PowerShell to check drive error

  • For scan & repair type; Repair-Volume-DriveLetter <drive name> - this will scan and repair the given drive. You can do it for all the drives.
  • For Offline scan and fix type; Repair-Volume-DriveLetter <drive name> -offlinescanandfix – This will take the volume offline to scan and fix the errors.
  • Quick scan; type Repair-Volume-DriveLetter <drive name> -scan. – this will just scan and display the errors from the designated drive.
  • Spot Fix; Type Repair-Volume-DriveLetter <drive name> -SpotFix – this will shortly take the volume offline and fix the issues logged as a corrupt file.

Hopefully with the help of this post the “Windows detected hard disk problem” error will be resolved. There is not much to worry about, this error may arise due to some minute malfunctioning too. But under estimating it might lead to data loss/deletion. In such case you need to fix hard drive problem or else; see how data recovery software can help.

Note: The above mentioned reasons can also cause trouble in accessing any application causing not a valid win32 application error. you may have to resolve the error to access the application. To know more on how to fix win32 application error click on the given link.

Concluding the above, we know that Windows 10 provides a number of options for securing your hard drive. This issues with hard drive may lead to dysfunctional or corrupted drive in your computer. Whenever the hard drive error is displayed by your Windows 10, take it as a red flag. Try to get a backup of your data at the first instant you start working on fixing the problem.

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