Fix Hard Drive Showing 0 Bytes Error in Windows 10/8/7

Hard drives are meant to make our lives easier as far as data access is concerned. With every passing day, technological advancements ensure that we consumers are getting more data on our hard drives at a lower cost than a few years ago.

While it is great for everyone involved, these devices do show errors on a few occasions, making it difficult to access data within them.

One such error is the drive showing 0 bytes and you are not able to access any data. It is important for you to act quickly and recover all the data present on the drive.

Let us look at few solutions to the 0 bytes issue:

  1. Using Command Prompt
  • Press Windows +R to open the Run window. Once run window opens, type cmd and hit Enter.
  • In Command Prompt, type chkdsk F: /R and hit Enter. (where F is the drive letter of the drive showing 0 bytes)
  • Just wait for some time before the chkdsk command fixes the 0 bytes hard drive problem.

Once the process completes, you can access content within your hard drive.

  1. Change Drive Letter name
  • Click on Start Now right-click on This PC/My Computer and click Manage.
  • Click Disk Management. Now right-click on the hard drive that shows 0 bytes.
  • Now click Change drive letter and paths. Next, click on Change and use a new drive letter name that is not assigned to any other drive on the system.
  • Click Yes and OK to confirm.
  1. Using Disk Management
  • Press Windows+E to open explorer window. Right-click on This PC/My Computer and then click Manage. Type in the admin password to proceed.
  • Click Disk Management. Right-click on the hard drive showing 0 bytes and select Properties.
  • Click Owner and Security tab to check if the list is empty or not.
  • Click Edit and Add
  • Under Permissions, click Edit to change permissions.
  • Now check every option there to allow complete permission.
  • Click OK and Apply.

Data Recovery using Remo Recover software

If you encountered the 0 bytes error, do not worry. Remo Recover software can recover all the contents of your hard drive. Once recovery is done, you can format the hard drive and use it again.

The user interface of Remo Recover is extremely simple to use. You can recover lost or deleted data from all kinds of hard drives, USB flash drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives etc.

If your storage device has bad sectors, the data recovery software creates a disk image of the drive, bypasses these bad sectors, and later recovers data from the image.

Data recovery is supported on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT file systems.

If you are wondering how do I recover files from raw hard drive, Remo Recover explains the process in few simple steps.

The deep scanning algorithms ensure every nook and corner of your hard drive is checked for lost or deleted data and recovered in a short time. After the scanning process is complete, you can view all the recovered files through Preview option.

The software also allows you to save the files to a destination folder of your choice in a ZIP file to save disk space.

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