How to fix Invalid JPEG Marker Type Error on Photoshop

🕔 5 minutes read In this article, you can find various methods to fix the most common error that occur with the Photoshop application i.e., “Invalid JPEG Marker Type Error” or “Could not complete your request because an unknown”. And also find various causes behind the error Invalid JPEG Marker Type.

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Sometimes you might not be able to access the JPEG files with the Photoshop application. When this happens, you might have come across an error message stating “Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found”. Fortunately, there are a few methods to fix this particular error. To know more about the error, and the troubleshooting steps, adhere to the end of the article.

Invalid JPEG marker

What's an unknown or invalid JPEG marker?

Even if you see the correct preview and thumbnail of a JPEG, the image will frequently not open in Photoshop so that it can be edited. This is a very common type of error caused by an incorrect image format, a renaming error, a corrupt file, and so on.

This renders the JPEG file useless, and you will be unable to complete the editing task that you had planned. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to easily resolve this issue discussed in the later section of the article. Let us understand what causes the Invalid JPEG marker.

What causes the “Invalid JPEG marker” error to occur?

  • The invalid JPEG marker error on Photoshop occurs when you try to open a non-JPEG file that is saved with JPEG file extension
  • If the image file is not saved with a proper file extension
  • The image might have been corrupted due to physical damage to the drive

Above are the major reasons for the error to occur, there can also be other reasons for invalid JPEG marker error to show up which you cannot quite comprehend. However, there are some proven troubleshooting methods that will help you fix the error.

How to Fix Invalid JPEG Marker Type Is Found?

The method that involves fixing the JPEG marker missing in Photoshop error is changing the file extension, renaming the file, unhiding the locked file extension, or even troubleshooting the Photoshop application. To know in detail how you can fix by performing the methods one by one read the article further.

Solution 1: Change the File Extension.

Photoshop errors such as invalid JPEG marker type, usually do not occur if you save the file without altering the extension. However, if you have manually added the file extension, a mismatch might result in the faulty JPEG marker.  To access a photo and read data, the file extension should match the actual image file type.

Therefore, make sure that a proper extension is provided while saving the file. If you are not sure whether to use JPEG or JPG as the extension click on the link to know more about the difference between JPG and JPEG files.

Solution 2: Rename the Image File.

Sometimes If you have not saved the image with a proper name and extension, the Photoshop application will not be able to open the file. However, simple workarounds such as renaming the image file can help you solve the issue. Here is what you can do to rename the file.

  • Right-click on the image and select Rename
  • Now, rename the image.

Solution 3: Convert the Image to a different format.

If you are a Windows user follow the below-mentioned steps to convert the image file with MS paint.

  • Open Microsoft Paint
  • Navigate to File >Open and select the image to be converted.
  • Go to Files. Click Save as.
  • Scroll down Save as type field.

Fix Invalid JPEG error

  • Choose the file extension you want to convert.
  • Click Save

In case you are using a Mac computer, the below steps will help you convert the image file.

  • Open Preview application on Mac.

  • Select the file to be converted.
  • From the File tab, navigate to Export.

Fix Invalid JPEG error

  • Select a location to export your converted images.
  • Click on the Options button in the Export window.
  • Drag the Quality slider to the desired level.

  • Select JPEG from the Format dropdown.
  • Finally, click on Save to convert the image.

Fix Invalid JPEG error

Solution 4: Unhide the Hidden File Extensions.

Sometimes, if the extensions of the local file types are hidden that might cause the error. If you are a Windows 10 user you can follow the steps below to check the hidden file extensions and unhide them.

  • Open Control Panel, go to File Explorer Options, and open it.
  • Switch to View Tab, Select Advanced Settings section, and make sure that “Hide extensions for known file types” is unselected, and then click OK.

Fix Invalid JPEG error

  • The problem will be resolved by now. If not Go to the View menu and ensure that the “File Name Extension” checkbox is selected.

Solution 5: Troubleshoot the Adobe Photoshop Application.

It is always important to check for hardware issues and perform troubleshooting as the error may occur due to the malfunctioning of hardware. Check out the process below to run the troubleshooting on your system.

  • Open Control Panel, click on the Troubleshooting option from the items in Control Panel.
  • Click on Configure a device under the Hardware and Sound section, once you’re on the Troubleshooting Computer Problems page.

Troubleshoot to fix Invalid JPEG Marker error

  • Click on Next to continue Troubleshooting the Hardware.

Fix Invalid JPEG Marker Error

If by using the above-mentioned workarounds you were unable to fix the Invalid JPEG Marker Error, or if you are still facing difficulties in opening the Photoshop document chances are that there might be PSD file corruption. In such a scenario, you would have to make use of a trusted PSD repair tool to fix the corrupted image.


Invalid JPEG file error occurs when the JPEG file is not saved correctly. Apart from this reason, this error will also occur when you have downloaded the image from chrome or through the WhatsApp application. However, by renaming the file extension or converting the image file as mentioned above you can fix the error successfully.

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