How to Fix Memory Card not Formatted Error

You have so many photos, videos, and songs stored on your memory card. So any problem with the card, and you risk losing all the files. One such issue is when you get an error message saying memory card not formatted when you try to access the card. This is a worrisome situation.

But don’t fret; you are not alone. Many users face such issues with memory cards. You just need to know the right solution to the problem. Well, we are here for just that. When you get the SD card error message that the memory card is not formatted, you need to first recover files present on the card. And then fix the format error.

So there are 2 steps to a solution: First, you need to recover data, next you have to fix 'SD card not formatted' error message. Let’s go about with it:

  • Recover data from the memory card

Note: Suppose you don’t have important data present on the card, and you are not worried about losing them, then you can directly format SD card using Mac or Windows PC.

In order to easily and quickly recover data from the memory card that won’t format, you can make use of Remo Recover software. This tool will safely get back all your files from the memory card which is showing not formatted error.

  • You need to connect the memory card to the system in which the software has been downloaded
  • Run the tool, follow onscreen instructions to recover data from the media card
  • You also have the option to preview recoverable files prior to data recovery

So once you have recovered files from SD card, save them on a safe spot on your system or any other storage medium. This tool also helps to recover formatted memory card data with ease. So if you have accidentally formatted a partition or drive, you can make use of this software to restore erased data.

Additional Info: Remo Recover software will restore data from various types of memory cards on Windows OS. It helps to retrieve SD card on Windows 10, microSD card on Windows 8, CF card data, and so on. Even the memory card is corrupted, inaccessible, turned RAW, the application comes to your rescue to recover files.

  • Fix memory card not formatted error

This method fixes SD card not formatted error using CHKDSK command. Follow the steps to fix the error.

  • Right-click on Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin) bring up Command Prompt window
  • You need to sign in as an administrator. Now type: chkdsk D: /f /r and hit Enter; (Replace D: with the drive letter of your memory card)
  • Once this is done, exit Command Prompt window, and bring up the Disk Management window
  • In that, find the memory card, right-click and select Format volume
  • Reset the file system and the drive number of the media card, click OK to go ahead with the format
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