Fix Memory Card Unrecognized Problem

I have 4GB SanDisk memory card, mostly I used it on digital camera to store captured pictures. Recently, it was full with pictures, and running out of memory space to store other pictures. Hence, I decided to move all pictures to system but memory card was not recognized by system. I tried several times by ejecting and inserting it to system but no useful. How should I fix memory card unrecognized problem in system?

The above question is quite normal these days, this kind of problem with memory card users usually occurs when their memory card are assigned with drive letters that are already being utilized by the system they are being plugged into. But you don't have to worry as you can easily fix this memory card unrecognized problem on your own.

Just follow below mentioned steps to fix memory card unrecognized problem:

  • Go to “Start” button and open search box. Enter "diskmgmt.msc" without quotes in text box and press “Enter”.  The Disk Management dialog appears, displaying all available letters.
  • Right click on memory card and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the pop-up menu
  • Change the drive letter or path window, click on Change button. The memory card’s current drive letter will be displayed in a drop down list. Next, you choose from the drop down list a drive letter such as X, Y or Z that will be less possible to conflict with existing drive letter. Click on "OK" button to save the change.
  • Connect the memory card into the system and confirms that the card appears on the list of drives with new drive letter.

By applying above-mentioned steps one can easily access memory cards which was not able to recognized in system. In case same problem repeats and unable to fix this issue then you may conclude that memory card has been corrupted or damaged.  Due to this, you may lose your valuable data collection but you can prevent losing them permanently by utilizing Remo Recover Software. This application is enough capable to recover files from corrupted memory card and from damaged, inaccessible memory cards as well. It restores pictures, videos, documents, and other files from memory card with great ease. I hope this information would help you.

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