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How to Fix MSG File Not Opening Problem in Outlook

This post focuses on some handy and manual methods to resolve file not opening issue related to MSG file of Outlook. Read this article and gain knowledge on some useful facts.

You might be aware of data files – OST and PST, associated with Outlook. Just like them, there is one more file you can create and access through Outlook, i.e. MSG. Well, this MSG is a file format for single mail message format utilized by Outlook as well as Exchange. The files are most useful for the purpose of storing, archiving, or sharing important mails to the users of Outlook. And also the files may be included with just the text message or the message with images and other attributes in HTML format.

However, users may encounter with strange issue sometimes while accessing the MSG files in Outlook which comes with the error stating “cannot open MSG file”. In this article, we have discussed some common causes that often make difficult for users to open MSG file. Along with this, we have discussed how to troubleshoot or fix MSG file not opening issue with no great effort.

Reasons for MSG file not opening

If any one of the below reasons is true, then an Outlook user will not be able to access MSG file:

  • When Outlook has not configured properly
  • When the preview of MSG files generated by Hex editors is not understandable by users
  • When the file is already open and user is trying to open
  • If users don’t have rights to access the file
  • Trying to open MSG file using Outlook 2002/XP or earlier, that has been created in Unicode format

Steps to Fix MSG file not opening issue in Outlook

Well, there are couple of solutions that can be helpful to resolve MSG file is not opening in Outlook issue. One of the methods is explained below:

Opening the MSG file generated by new Unicode file format message in older versions of MS Outlook

For opening the MSG File, you can ask the sender to send the MSG file again after saving it in ANSI format before sending it to you.

Easy steps involved to fix the error are as follows:

To change the default .msg format from Unicode to ANSI format, you have to drag and drop an email out of Outlook into an Explorer folder and change the following settings as below

To do so go through below-mentioned instructions:

For Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

Go to Tools -> Options -> Tab Other -> Advanced Options button -> Disable Option: Use Unicode Message Format when saving messages

For Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

Go to File -> Options -> Mail -> Section -> save Messages -> Disable Option: Use Unicode Format

Note: When you save the file, change the type from Unicode (*.msg) to (*.msg) by going to File -> Save as -> “Save as type” drop down list from “Outlook Message Format-Unicode (*.msg) to Outlook Message Format (*.msg)”.

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