Fix ‘No Boot Disk Detected or the Disk has Failed’ Error

The computer checks the Hard disk drive or SSD drive for boot information when it boots up. It acts on the information received to boot up the OS. But if the computer is not able to find an operating system or valid boot information on the hard drive / SSD, then you get an error message which says - No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.

How to fix this error message? We tell you. Read on to know the solutions to fix this issue:

Fix 1: Check if the hard drive or SSD is properly connected

If the connection between the hard drive / SSD and the computer is not proper, then the system will not be able to access it to receive boot information. This results in the error message. So open the computer’s casing, disconnect the drive from the system, clean all the connections and ports, and reconnect the drive to the system. Make sure the connections are properly seated. Now boot the computer, and see if the problem exists.

Fix 2: See if the drive is failing

This error could most probably be due to failing SSD or hard drive, as the error states that the boot disk has failed. To check this, connect the drive to another already booted computer, and see if you can access the contents.

Fix 3: Clean install Windows

If the above methods listed are not working, then it means that the computer’s boot disk has not failed, but the operating system or the boot information that the boot disk had contained could be erased. If this is the case, then the best solution is to clean install Windows from scratch. However, be careful that clean installing Windows will lead to data loss.

If you have lost data after clean installing, then you can make use of this Windows Recovery tool to recover your files. It helps to retrieve data from undetectable hard drive, inaccessible drive, formatted drive, and so on. Not just that, even files from corrupted, damaged, or reformatted partitions can be recovered with ease. It also supports RAID data recovery, file recovery after repartitioning, RAW drive recovery, and so on.

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