Outlook Crashes with Microsoft Office 365? Here’s the Solution

Do you have to often, troubleshoot Outlook crash with Microsoft Office 365? Most of us prefer using Outlook as it is easier and safer as it integrates with many devices and applications. No doubt, it is very useful but has it been hanging frequently? Have there been times when you got the message ‘Outlook not responding error’? Or Outlook stuck on a screen that simply says, ‘Processing’? Does Outlook hang or freeze when sending or receiving emails?


These things do happen but the question here arises is what do you do to fix this? The answer to that is simple, troubleshoot Outlook crash with Microsoft office 365. In this article, you will find out how to troubleshoot these issues that cause Outlook to crash when you use office 365. So, continue to read to know more. First, convert the Outlook OST file to PST using the Remo OST converter tool and set a backup.

Utilize Remo Convert OST to PST which is a user-friendly tool to convert your corrupt or damaged OST file into healthy PST file. With the help of converted healthy PST file, you can access all your emails, contacts, attachments, calendar, folder structure, etc. You can make use of this tool to take a backup of your Outlook data in the PST file format before performing any operation.

download nowTroubleshoot Outlook issues with Microsoft Office 365

To troubleshoot Outlook issues such as Outlook cannot be accessed, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Investigate Possible Issues With Add-In

You will have to Exit Outlook. After which open Run dialog box and make sure, to follow the procedures that are appropriate to your version of Windows. For example: if you are using Windows 10, 8.1, or 8 then, press Windows key + R. But if you are using Windows 7 then, click on Start icon type Run and press Enter.

Now, type Outlook/Safe and then click on, OK. If the issue is fixed then, on the File menu click Options and then, click on Add-ins. In that window select Com Add-ins and then, click on Go – click to clear all the checkboxes in the list and then, click OK. Restart Outlook if the issue does not occur. Finally, you can start adding the add-ins one at a time until the issue occurs again.

If you are having issues that cause Outlook to crash, here's the fix to outlook 2010 always opening in work offline mode.

2. Run Outlook Diagnostics:

Here, you will have to open Control Panel > Programs and Features > Microsoft Office > Uninstall/Repair. Now, click on Repair Option.

3. Create a new Outlook profile:

Open Control Panel and click on User Account. Now click on, Mail > click on Show Profiles. Here, select the profile you want ‘remove’ and click on Remove. Once, you have removed its time to ‘add’ so, click on Add and in the Profile Name box type in a name for the profile. Make sure, to specify the User Name, the primary STMP address, and the Password. Then Click Next. (When you do this you will receive the following message – Allow this website to configure this xxxx@domain server setting) For this message click on, Don’t ask me about this website again checkbox and then, click Allow. When you are prompted enter your login credentials and click on OK. When the setup is finished click on, Finish.

Note: When you remove the profile the associated data files will also be removed. If you are not sure make sure to back up or if stored on the server then do not remove the profile.

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