Fix PC with NO Boot and NO POST

Sometimes when you switch on the system, it fails to boot as normal or provides some sort of power on self-test beep codecs, the main reason behind this might be loose connections, hardware failures or lack of power supply. In order to find out specific cause behind system boot order failure, you need to perform some actions in sequence. Hence, follow below mentioned steps in order to fix this issue and boot system safely.

  • Initially make sure that power is supplying or not by inspecting power cord whether it is fully seated properly or not at both ends. Check power switch is turned on and the voltage settings is set to the proper voltage i.e. 110 volts.
  • Open the CPU cabin and ensure no components are burn or not, such as capacitor, register, integrated circuit that are deformed or discolored. In case if you have noticed any damages in motherboard, drive or other device then replace them with good quality one.
  • Inspect a proper connection has been established for components presented in CPU, such as cable, drive, expansion card and stick of RAM by disconnecting and reconnecting each components without removing them from the CPU. There is a chance of loose connection in components; by fixing them, you can solve minor problems.
  • Remove all the expansion cards except VGA and drives connected to CPU and try to boot the system by keeping some components as usual, such as motherboard, CPU, and cooling fan, video and RAM. Try booting the system, if it boots properly then reconnect removed items one at a time until the PC again fails to boot, and then finally replace the component that is causing booting failure.
  • Even though after removing some components, system fails to boot then replace RAM, Power supply cable, video card and CPU until the system boots up properly. Later, connect replaced each items into working computer until system fails to boot in order to notice component problems.

By following above-mentioned steps, you can fix problems causing system’s booting failure. In addition, you can locate specific component that is behind booting order failure. However, while performing all these steps, be careful or else you may cause damage to hard disk and results into data loss. In case, if you have come across such situation then don’t worry about lost data, just start employing Remo Recover Windows application that has all efficiency to recover lost data from PC by keeping your original data intact.

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