How to Fix Video Freezing?

When your favorite music video or your personal videos freeze while playing, it can get really frustrating. The interruption can ruin the experience of streaming or watching a movie. Even when you try to seek the video sequence forward, you would still encounter the video freezing again.

If you are wondering how to fix video freezing while playing , follow the steps mentioned below in this article. Let us first understand why the videos keep pausing or freezing every few seconds on Windows,Mac, linux or various other operating systems.

Why do videos freeze?

  1. Incompatible Codecs – Codec is a vital element which encodes and decodes audio and video for the media player. If the media player is not updated with the supportive codec, you might encounter video freezing issues.
  2. Driver issues - Having an outdated audio or video driver can cause multiple problems in video and audio playback. Some times a video might freeze while playing if the resolution is way more than what the driver or display adapter would support.
  3. Hardware limitations- Hardware issues or limitations could be mainly categorized into two types
    a) RAM – Random Access memory defines the speed of the operating system and holds all the fundamental functionality of the operating system. If your computer does not have sufficient Random Access Memory to process the video, then you might face the video freezing issue.
    b) Graphic card – As we all know graphic cards control the display output, having outdated graphic card would cause video freezing related issues.
  4. Corruption of the video file – One of the common reasons for video freezing is corruption in the video file. In some worst cases, the user may not be able to open the video file at all.

Corrupted videos can be played flawlessly once they are repaired, Repairing a video freezing can be done effortlessly by following the steps mentioned below.

How to fix video freezing issues?

  1. Changing the resolution setting – In some cases due to high video resolution setting the user may encounter the playback or freezing issue. But by changing the resolution setting to default may make video graphic setting compatible with your operating system and the issue can be resolved
  2. Downloading latest supportive Codecs – Download the supportive and latest codecs from the internet. This may fix the playback errors of media player and fix the issue. (Recommended latest K- Lite Codec pack)
  3. Supportive hardware – Having an extremely outdated RAM or a graphic card can not only can video freeze, but only may directly have an impact on the speed of the operating system. So it is recommended to have updated RAM and graphic cards installed on your operating system.
  4. Update Graphic driver - In case if you have not updated the graphic driver, you can follow the steps mentioned below.
    a) Go to the Control panel and click on the Device manager option on the left hand side.
    b) The menu displayed. Click on Display adapter
    c) Right click on the graphic card option and choose Update driver.
    d) Post updating try to play the video file. If the issue is with updating the graphic card, this should fix the video freezing issue
  5. Switch to different media player – In some cases, the media player might not be supportive of playing the video file. It is recommended to try different media player which support multiple file extensions.

Post trying all the methods mentioned above if you still face the video freezing issue. Then the most probable case would be the corruption of the video file. If you are wondering how to repair video freezing which is corrupted, then you will need a reliable third party application like Remo Repair AVI.

Are you having video freezing out of nowhere while playing? Repair any video freezing, broken index, corrupted codec or other issues with Remo Video Repair Software. All in one repair tool is designed to ensure a safe video repair process with working on a copy of a damaged video file. Within a matter of a few clicks, you will be able to watch any video flawlessly.

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How to Repair Video Freezing Problems with Remo Video Repair?

  1. Download Remo Video Repair tool on your computer and install it.
  2. Launch the application and on the main screen click on Browse option to provide the video file which is having audio problems.
  3. After selecting the file click on Repair
  4. Wait for the process to get completed and once it is finished the application will allow you to preview the video file using the Preview option.
  5. Finally, Save the repaired file.
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