How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Mac?

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Not able to play YouTube videos on Mac? This happens because of various reasons like slow or no internet connection, Software errors, etc. In this article, you will learn about the reasons and fix YouTube videos not playing on Mac.

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YouTube videos not playing on Mac!!! As we all know, YouTube is one of the most used applications across the globe. It is used by almost everyone, from kids to grownups, be it for binge-watching or for creating content. Even though YouTube supports all operating systems. It is annoying when you are not able to play YouTube videos not playing on a Mac. However, it can be resolved with the help of various fixes, but before that, let’s understand the reasons for the  YouTube videos not playing on Mac.

Why are YouTube Videos not Playing on Mac?

There are various reasons why YouTube videos are not playing on a Mac, which are mentioned below:

  •  The trouble with an Internet connection.
  •  Mac facing errors while booting.
  • Software errors interfere with the browser.
  • Resolution of the video, which causes the loading errors.

How to Fix Mac Not Playing YouTube Videos?

Here are the methods to fix YouTube not Playing on Mac.

1: Restart the Mac

2: Check the Internet Connection

3: Update the Mac OS

4: Clear the cache

5: Enable Java Script

Method 1: Restart the Mac

Sometimes small things like just restarting the Mac will solve the issue. You just have to follow the below steps to restart the Mac.

  • Click on the Apple Icon 
  • Select Restart button

If you are unable to fix the issue by restarting the Mac, then there might be an issue with the internet. You can fix it with the help of the next method.

Method 2: Check the Internet Connection

Most of the time slow internet connection might be the reason for can’t to play YouTube videos on Mac.

Here are the steps to check your internet connection on a Mac

Select the Apple menu and click on System settings

Now, click on Network and check if the internet is connected or not.

If the internet is not a problem behind YouTube videos not working on Mac then try the next method.

Method 3: Update the Mac OS

Try updating the Mac to play YouTube videos on Mac with the help of the below steps.

  • In the Apple menu, Select System preferences
Click on system preference to fix play Youtube on Mac
  • Click on Software update
Software Update
  • If there is any update, click on Update Now 

After updating the Mac OS, try to play YouTube on Mac. If you still face the issue, go to the next method.

Method 4: Enable Java Script

Sometimes YouTube not working on MAC might be because of the disabled Java Script. If your JavaScript is disabled, Here are the steps to enable JavaScript.

  • Open Safari, select Show Advanced Settings in Settings
Open Safari
  • Now, Under Choose Content Settings under Privacy Section
  • Click Ok

Method 5: Clear the Cache

If you have not cleared the cache for a long time, it might cause trouble while playing YouTube on Mac.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the cache on your browser

  • Go to the settings menu
  • Select Show Develop in the menu bar under the Advanced option
  • Click on the Develop Option and then click on the Empty Cache
  • Now, click on Safari and clear the search history
Clear the cache to play YouTube videos on Mac

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That’s about it, I hope now you can play YouTube videos on your Mac. If you have any suggestions, mention them in the comment section. 

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