Six Common Laptop Problems and Their Solutions

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When your laptop doesn’t function properly, it can be incredibly frustrating. For many of us, laptops hold personal or work-related data, making their reliable performance crucial. Understanding common laptop issues and being prepared with solutions to tackle these problems is necessary. Read this article for a detailed understanding of 6 common laptop issues and their fixes.

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People might strike with lots of problems while using a laptop, like scratches on a laptop screen, spilled liquids on a laptop, broken screen, damaged power cord, cracked laptop case, non-functional Cooling fan, and much more.  In these cases, people go to replace their laptops instead of fixing the issue. Therefore, here I have listed out troubleshooting techniques to solve laptop issues. So, go through this article and resolve your laptop issues on your own instead of replacing it.

Problem: Scratches on Laptop Screen


  • Take a fresh lint-free cloth and dip it in a water
  • Clean the scratched areas
  • Next, take one more lint-free cloth and wipe the affected area
  • If the scratches are light, then rub them with a pencil eraser. Wipe the scratch until it disappears
  • In case scratches are deeper, then use petroleum jelly. First, put petroleum jelly into the scratch, then wipe away the excess using a lint-free cloth. Jelly will fill the scratches so that you can’t find any scratches on your laptop

Problem: Liquid Damage


If you have spilled liquid on your laptop, then do as follows-

  1. Shut down the laptop
  2. Next, remove any cables attached to it
  3. It is better to remove even battery from the laptop, if possible
  4. Hold your laptop upside down. It will help you to drip out the liquid
  5. Then, use a dry towel to cover the laptop keyboard overnight
  6. Next, use a hair dryer over the keyboard for 15 minutes

Problem: Broken Laptop Screen


It is not possible to fix a broken screen on your own. You need to visit a professional repair expert. But, you can get back your data from the broken laptop. Thinking, how? Here is the complete guide:

  • Connect your laptop to the computer either using a VGA socket or a DVI socket. You will not get this socket in some laptop models.
  • Use a compatible cable to attach a laptop to an external monitor
  • And, once it is connected, copy all your files to an external drive

Once you get back your data, send your laptop for repairing the broken screen.

Problem: Damaged Power Cord


Many laptops have detachable AC Power cords, which you can buy from the market or online.  If you don’t want to buy a new cord, then below the procedure mentioned below to fix it on your own-

  • Wrap the damaged cord using electrical or duct tape
  • You can even use silicone sealant to cover the damaged part of the cord

Note: If you face any other power-related problem, read Fixes to Solve Laptop power problems to find the perfect solution to your problem.

Problem: Cracked Laptop Case


  • Clean your cracked laptop case and ensure that there are no broken pieces and dirt
  • Then, wear a glove and mix the two components that come in Epoxy putty
  • Take a long cylinder and roll down the putty until it turns white or grey
  • Now, put this mixture into the broken part of your laptop case
  • Then, take a bade to flatten it

It will help you to fill the cracked laptop case.

Problem: Nonfunctional Cooling Fan


  • First, find out the area from which fresh and hot air is passing
  • Next, insert a plastic straw and remove all the dust from it
  • Open the laptop case and blow away any dust if you find
  • Make sure that nothing has stuck with your fan
  • Then, rotate the blade with your finger
  • If it is making noise while spinning, then you need to replace your fan
  • Find a replacement fan
  • Once you got your new fan, remove the old fan and its power connector
  • Then, fix the new fan carefully and attach all the needed cables back

Now, put the laptop case back and restart the laptop.

These are some common problems that can be fixed easily. But, you may also encounter some problems like a dead laptop, unmountable drive, corrupted HDD, etc. These problems are not easy to fix on your own. You need to take expert help to repair it. But, by using Remo Recover software you can recover data from dead laptops, unmountable laptops as well as corrupted drives easily with no help from external sources like the service center.


While no one intentionally causes damage to their laptops, these common problems often arise due to wear and tear. After reading this article, We hope that reading this article has boosted your DIY confidence in dealing with these common laptop problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the indications of a bad laptop?

The indications of a bad laptop are:
- Slow response time
- Heating issues
- Fan noises
- Charging issues
- Abrupt shutdowns

Why do Laptops have heating issues?

The reasons behind laptop heating issues are:
- Laptop coolers not functioning properly.
- Laptop vents are blocked.
- Extreme usage.

What is the most common issue on a laptop?

The most common issue on a laptop would be freezing or shutting down.

How can you properly maintain a laptop?

To ensure its longevity, you can:
- Keep food and liquids away from the laptop.
- Use screen guards and protective cases.
- Avoid overcharging the batteries.
- Ensure proper ventilation.
- Use only reliable software.

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