Fixing Compact Flash Cards Issues

Some of our best memories are captured in photos. And I’m sure most of you do go on those reminiscing journey with your photos may be from your school days, college days, summer camps etc. Yes, there truly are no better ways to capture and cherish those times than in photos. But what do you do when your photos that are captured and stored in a Compact Flash card gets corrupted. The sad sulking feeling seeps in and you try to figure out a way to fix them just as you try to jog your memory to relive those moments. As and when the thought crosses your mind that might never get to see those pictures again.

Well, don’t lose heart as all is not lost since most high end cameras use CF cards, the small glitch that you are facing are common issues that can be fixed. So don’t panic these things do happen and they just need a little patience and time so you can have your memories back. Wondering, what is this all about fixing, after all, you are no photographer by profession or a techie then how can you fix it. Well, that is because it is as easy as can come. Except, you have to follow a few things but besides that what you need to do is…..? Curious? Continue reading to know more.

Before we get to how to fix here is a small tip you can to avoid finding yourself in a situation such as this again…

Tips to avoid such issues:

Whenever you have a bunch of photographs that you have taken from a recent trip or a party or wedding and you know these photos are important then here is what you do. Make sure to download these photos on to your system at the earliest. After which you can take a backup of your downloaded photos so that, stressful moments of glitches will not be overshadowing your best memories.

Solutions to CF card issues:

1. It is not very likely of your CF card to show an error but if you do get an error message. Then the first thing to do is to check the CF card slot because you might have a slightly bent pin. Generally, the first instinct would be to assume the problem is with the card but that not always the case. This issue can be fixed with a use of a screwdriver. Just make sure do fix it carefully and with a lite hand. When putting in the CF card after it is fixed to make sure to do it very cautiously and slowly.

2. If your camera is unable to read your CF card. In such a situation you can always use your own camera to format the card. This is because not every camera can read a card that has been formatted by other devices. All you need to do is go the Camera’s Setting Menu and choose the command Format. Once, you select the command when you are asked if you want to Format the card you need to click on Yes.

3. If you are choosing to format the card on your computer then you need to make sure that you choose a file system that will work with your camera as well. This is because the older versions of the camera were unable to read CF cards that were formatted in NTFS or FAT file systems.

4. The older version of CF cards used PIO protocols this use to transfer data at very slow speed in comparison to UDMA. So, if you are experiencing a delay or a slow paced transferring of data then, it is because the card you are using does not support UDMA protocol.

While in an attempt to fix all these small glitches and you realize that your CF card is corrupted and you have lost files. Don’t have to hit the panic button because there is a simple DIY process to get back files after CF card corruption.

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