Fixing The Bug That Breaks System Restore In Windows 10 By Microsoft

For a generation that has seen only smartphones and tablets to them one of the most well promoted and hyped launches of Microsoft has been that of Windows 10. They have made quite a few changes by introducing new features like Cortana, new universal app, Start menu, Settings and so much more. But in all this the eye-catching Microsoft’s default Web browser – Microsoft Edge that was launched to replace Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer has somewhere got on to a disappointing start.

For those who are still wondering what is Microsoft Edge? Well, it is the new browser that has been introduced by Microsoft and is in competition with Chrome or Firefox. Just like the other web browsers you can find things, read, write, add extensions, translate websites and so much more. Now you might be wondering with all these features what is the problem and why a disappointing start to this new web browser- Microsoft Edge?

To begin with there have been a lot of people around the world who have experienced issues with this. A good majority has said that they have experienced sudden crashes, slow performance while working on it. Meanwhile, others have said that it simply won’t launch. With all these issues, what is the solution? If you are also facing similar issues then continue to read on.

If you are curious on how to solve this issue and are worried. Well, don’t be because according to Microsoft they are fixing the issue and everything should get working properly soon. Meanwhile, there are a few things you can try which has helped in fixing this issue.

The Issue:

While most of the users experienced issues that were caused because of Windows 10 cumulative update KB4013429 the issue was that even the System Restore did not work. In a lot of cases, the Windows Reset feature failed to complete when all the files are supposed to be removed. While Microsoft has confirmed that it is a widespread bug that they are trying to fix. In most cases, the System Restore fails with error 0x80070091.

The error message displays on your computer are like as follows:

System Restore failed while restoring the directory from the restore point

Source: ApxxStaging

Destination:%Program Files% \ WindowsApps

An unspecified error occurred during System Restore. (0x80070091)

Fixing the Microsoft Edge:

If you are trying to fix this issue right now, the solution that is being offered by Microsoft is as follows:

1. You need to start the computer in Safe Mode

2. Then right click the Start button and then open the Command Prompt.

3. Make sure that when you open the Command Prompt you do it with the administrator’s permission and then press enter.

Cd C: \Program Files

Takeown / f WindowsApps / r / dY

Icalcs WindowsApps / grant “%User Domain% \  %

Username %” F) / t

Attrib WindowsApps – h

Rename WindowsApps WindowsApps.old

4. Once, you have entered the commands and executed them

5. Now restart the computer and attempt to run the Systems Restore again

6. This process should work

Apart from this the other method to fix this issue is by getting back to the previous update in the System Restore and then try to manually install the update from the Windows 10 update catalog.

Meanwhile, if you have lost any files then make sure to remember that the procedure to get back files after system restore is easy and all you need to do is click on the link and find all the help you need.

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