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As a writer, there is nothing more important than having the space for clear thoughts. It’s a blessing in disguise when you get some peaceful, undisturbed environment to write down your thoughts without interruption or distraction. To be able to completely focus on your writing is an advantage that most writers look for. Every writer makes use of Microsoft Word to put their thoughts down. The one thing that has come to an advantage here is the Focus mode that was introduced in 2011 in Word. This feature has been there for some time now but with more and more blog writers coming into the frame it has picked up a decent amount of popularity.

If you have not been aware of this silent feature that was present in your MS Word and are curious to know what it is, then continue to read on.  Focus mode was created in Word document so that all the attention and focus will be on your content only. There will not be any screen clutter, it hides the toolbar as well. Thus, helping you in giving undivided attention to your content.

Since this Focus mode removes every distraction there possibly can be it also comes with a slight tint of advantage for a quicker work process i.e., you will be able to view 2 pages alongside each other by choosing Multiple pages in Focus mode. Not only that as a good majority of the population now uses Mac, this feature of Focus mode has been made available in Word for Mac.

Earlier the background for Focus mode was simply black but recently it has been updated and now you get to choose woody background shades like oak, mahogany, blackwood, rosewood, walnut, etc. These shades are available for both Windows and Mac. To know how to get into Focus mode while working on your Word document all you need to do is follow the simple steps.

Getting your Document into Focus Mode

While you are working on your Word document you can get into Focus mode

1. You can click on the View tab in the ribbon and choose Focus

The other way to go about this is:

2. At the bottom of your Word application, you can choose Focus on the status bar.

There is yet another way to get into Focus mode and that is:

3. You can go to the system Menu you can click on View and select Focus.

If you are using a Mac then all you need to do is:

4. You can either click on the View tab in the ribbon or the View Menu or click on the Status bar and select Focus.

But the most important question that you probably have is ‘What if you need to gain access to one of the commands?’. Well, the answer is quite simple and that is because you can easily get access to any command you want. All you need to do is drag your mouse pointer to the top of the screen and pull in the ribbon to gain access to any commands you need.

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