How to Format an iPod and Add Music to it

Using iPod is fun for every music lover around us. There are so many different models of the iPod and are owned by millions of people. However, the iPod needs quite less technical procedures and most of the techniques of formatting and adding music is quite easy. The procedure to format an iPod and add music to it is quite simple in nature.

Format Your iPod

You don’t have to be a technically elite person to recycle your iPod playlist files. Formatting your iPod is among some very necessary things to perform on your beloved device. This helps in keeping the hard drive of your iPod intact. While setting up your iPod to the computer, it automatically formats your device. This is done in order to make a communication between the device and your computer.

While the device is connected to the computer with a Mac operating system, it is called Mac formatted iPod. If the device is connected to the Windows and formatted automatically, it is called Windows formatted. There is not much difference between the nature of formatting operating system.

Reformat Your iPod

The cross compatibility of formatting the iPod with Mac and Windows is not allowed. At least, not in the case of Windows formatted iPod.

This means, if you have used the iPod in windows and later want to use it for other OS, it is not possible. And hence comes the need of a reformatted iPod. if you want to use the formatted iPod in cross platforms, you need to reformat it.

If your iPod is Mac formatted, you can use it in Mac only. But if your iPod is Windows formatted, you can use it on Mac and Windows. So if you have a Mac computer, you can use it without reformating and add music. Here is how you can reformat your iPod for using in cross platforms.

Connect the iPod to a windows computer because, as mentioned earlier, it can be used in both the OS after that.

Reset your iPod and format it for windows

Open the iTunes library and sync your iPod with iTunes library

If in case you have lost the data from your iPod, all you can do is recover the data with any third party application. you can follow any recovery manual for deleted iPod data. You can get a backup of all your iPod files at this instant and keep it safe anywhere. Some of the locations to secure your files would be cloud storage, another computer or external drives.

you can check the formatting of your iPod during syncing the files through iTunes. On the top left corner of the iTunes, it displays all the information including the nature of formatting of your iPod.

Add Music to iPod

As mentioned earlier, adding music to iPod is very easy and convenient for all types of users. follow certain steps if you want to add music to your iPod:

1 – Connect your iPod to the Computer.

2 – Launch iTunes and go to Files > Add Files to Library

3 – Select your playlist from the computer and click OK

4 – Go to iTunes menu – Recently added

5 – Add music to your iPod by simply Dragging and Dropping files.

iPod is among the most famous devices of the present age in the world. It has revolutionized the way people have been listening to music. The insight of its manufacturers is to provide everyone with some of the simplest and best means to come in contact with their favorite music.

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