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Comment Couleur Noir et Blanc Photos dans Photoshop

many features offered by this application making editing your favorite images easier. One of the most useful and attractive features of the Photoshop application is coloring a black and white photo. Several applications allow you to color a photo in black and white, but the range and accuracy achieved by Adobe Photoshop are incomparable compared to other applications.

Steps to color a black and white photo in Photoshop

Step 1: First install Adobe Photoshop on your computer, launch the application and open the coloring picture. To do this, simply open the Photoshop application and click File -> Open -> then select the coloring picture or simply launch the Photoshop application and drag the image file into Photoshop.

Step 2: Enter the « Color Mode » by selecting the « Image » option in the top toolbar and choosing Mode> make sure the RGB color is checked.

Step 3: The simple way to add color to a black and white image is to use  » Blend Modes « . However, most users create dozens of layers with the single merge mode, but here, instead of creating more layers, you can accomplish the task by creating a single layer group with the group merge mode.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new layer (you can see the layer panel on the left side of the window).
  • Select the new layer and press Ctrl + Shift + G to group the new layer.
  • Click the new layer group and set the blend mode to « Color » (you can find the « Blend Mode » on the drop-down tab below the « Layer » panel.)

Step 4: Select the newly added layer and add the color using one of the methods below.

  • Select the coloring object you want to color using  » Lasso Tool  » or  » Pen Tool « . These tools roughly describe the object and, once finished, you can add color to it, either by « Pad Filling » or by browsing « Edit> Fill ». Then select the color under the « Use » option.
  • You can use the « Brush tool » to paint the photo by pressing  » B « , and then right-click on the image to get the Brush tool configuration menu.
  • To do this, simply select Rounded Round -> Foreground Color Box in the toolbar->  » Color Picker « , move the rounded round to choose the color and press  » OK « .
  • Now move the mouse by holding down the left mouse button to color the objects you want to color.

Here are some of the ways in which you can accomplish your task using Adobe Photoshop; However, some users may have difficulty using this application because this program has advanced features. Finally, due to many advanced features, users can sometimes inappropriately use the application, resulting in photo corruption. But do not worry if your Photoshop file gets corrupted, because the Remo Repair PSD tool can  repair corrupt adobe photoshop file  with all its layers and color modes intact.


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