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Meilleur Moyen de Convertir un Disque Dynamique en disque de base

Dynamic disks are hard disk configurations that offer advanced features such as disk mirroring, parity and striping, and so on. Dynamic disk configurations can be easily applied to any type of hard drive such as IDE and SATA. In fact, these dynamic disks are very flexible to use. On these dynamic disks, you can create different types of volumes, such as Fractional Volumes, Mirrored Volumes, Stripped Volumes, RAID 5 volumes, and more.

Despite these advantages, dynamic disks have certain limitations. Windows allows you to install the operating system only on a basic disk, that is, a primary disk. In addition, most dynamic disk users have experienced invalid dynamic disk errors and many such errors when using these dynamic disks. Therefore, for these reasons, you can convert the dynamic disk to a basic disk. But what is the best way to convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk? Here are the steps that help you do this conversion effectively:

Caution: Back up all the data contained in the volumes and store them on an external drive safely.

  • Go first on the button  » Start « , click on it then on  » Control Panel « , it will open the control panel
  • Now, in the list of options provided on the control panel, double-click the  » Administrative Tools  » icon , then double-click  » Computer Management « , with this a management console. computer will be open
  • In this computer management window, simply click on  » Disk Management  » option found in the leftmost pane of the console
  • Select all volumes included in the dynamics and you want to hide, then right click on
  • You will now get a context menu with a list of some options from which to select the  » Delete  » option
  • Once all volumes are deleted, right-click on the drive and select the  » Convert to Base Disk  » option .

With this, the drive will now be converted to a base and will be configured for normal use. An important point, when selecting volumes to delete, be careful and make sure all your data from all volumes are backed up. Otherwise, with a simple click, all your data will be lost! Since you are deleting volumes, if you select a wrong volume, all your data in this volume will be lost. Do not worry, in such cases you can use Remo Recover software which is the best  Windows Data Recovery Software in  order to easily restore the deleted volume with all its data intact within minutes. Nevertheless, it is recommended to have a backup of all volumes.


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