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Remèdes Simples à Corriger « SD est plein et Inaccessible » Erreur

Sometimes your camera or phone displays an error « SD is full and inaccessible » even if there is enough space on the card. This happens because of several reasons like:

Simple Remedies Correct SD Full Inaccessible Error

  • The accumulation of viruses
  • Presence of bad sectors on the SD card
  • Corrupt SD card file system
  • Bad insertion / ejection of the card
  • Disturbances when transferring data from / to an SD card

But, you do not need to worry about this mysterious mistake – SD is full and inaccessible because here are the many fixes for the problem.

So try below solutions one after the other and fix the SD card is a complete error and inaccessible.

  1. Use an SD card in another device

Connect your SD card to the computer using a card reader. Copy entire files from the SD card to a new folder on the computer. Finally, format the SD card on the computer.

To format the SD memory card, follow these steps:

  • Go to  » Devices and drivers  » and find your SD card
  • Right click on the SD card and choose  » Quick Format « 
  • Click the  » Start  » button and click  » OK « 
  1. Get rid of cached data

You can try erasing the cached data from the internal memory of your smartphone if you get a « SD card full and inaccessible » error on the mobile. Cached data is nothing more than temporary files (unwanted data) that reside in free space and that you can delete.

To do this, go to  » Settings  » on your smartphone and delete the cached data.

  1. Use the command prompt

Many times, the command prompt helps you solve several problems. So, go to the  » Start  » menu and launch  » Command Prompt as Administrator « . Then type in the chkdsk D: / r command , where D is the drive letter of your SD card. The command will repair the corrupted SD card and, therefore, resolve  » SD is full and is inaccessible  » error.

Note: Before attempting the above method, connect the correct drive letter of your SD card. To find the letter of your SD card reader, go to  » This PC / My Computer  » and choose the option  » Device Management « . There, write down the drive letter assigned to your SD card.

  1. Scan your SD card for the virus

Antivirus tool removes malicious or malicious programs from the SD card by carefully analyzing it. So, scan the card that shows  » SD is full and inaccessible  » error using effective antivirus software.

Caution: There are possibilities that the antivirus program can delete files stored on the SD card with dangerous threats if they are severely infected.

  1. Format the SD card

If none of the above troubleshooting methods can help you, format the SD card using the command prompt and  recover formatted SD card data  using the Remo SD Card Recovery software.

Here are the steps to format the SD card from the command prompt.

  • Open the command prompt from the Start menu
  • Type diskpart
  • Type list disk
  • Find the disk number that represents your SD card
  • Type select disk n  (where n is the disk number of your SD card)
  • Type clean
  • Type create partition primary
  • Type select partition 1
  • Type active
  • Type format fs = fat32 quick
  • Type assign
  • Type exit


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