How to Fix File Has Been Moved from IDM Error?

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Summary:  “The file has been moved” is a common error that occurs when you’re trying to access a file from the Internet Download Manager(IDM). In this article, you find two techniques that can help you solve the error in no time.

What is a IDM file?

Internet Download Manager is a tool that helps in managing and schedule downloading files like images, videos or any files from internet. This tool can help you with resume or recover downloads which has paused due issues like network interruptions, or power outages and many more. However, sometimes you might experience issues with Internet download manager where you will not find the downloaded files and you will see error like mentioned below.

IDM says "the file has been moved". How can I find my downloaded file that has been moved?

While trying to access a file from IDM (Internet Download Manager), you might have encountered this error message saying  “the file has been moved” error. Even after trying to find the file on your PC, you failed to restore the moved file from IDM? Moreover, you also might not know, what caused this? Well! no worries, it happens sometimes without any specific reason. 

Fortunately, you can recover the downloaded files from IDM that have been moved. In this article, we have listed techniques that will help you get back your file moved from IDM. Whatever might be the reason, you can either use the manual method or the Remo Hard Drive Recovery Tool to easily restore a file that is moved from Internet Download Manager.

Technique 1:  Restoring Moved IDM File Manually

IDM is a tool that helps in downloading images, music, video, link, etc from the Internet swiftly. It has a very simple user graphic interface and it increases the downloading speed multiple times as compared to a normal download. But you might face some issues with this application like accidental deletion, program crash, etc that can move your files. Follow the below-mentioned steps to restore the files from IDM that were moved manually. 

  • Open Internet Download Manager on your PC
  • Click on Downloads. Navigate to Options > Save to > Temporary directory

recover files on IDM

  • Copy the directory address, and paste to windows explorer address
  • After pasting hit Enter
  • Now, look for the "DwnlData" folder. Double-click on it and then open the Administrator folder.

recover files on IDM

  • And then, open each file using "open with" until you find the required file
  • After finding the required file, navigate to Menubar > Tools > View
  • And, then deselect the " uncheck and hide extensions for known file types"
  • Again go back to your file and RENAME the file. This step is to make sure that your file will not be moved again.

Hopefully, this method will help you in recovering files from IDM. But what if your file is completely deleted from the system? This can happen when you remove files from the IDM list and select deleting completely downloaded files from your hard disk in the prompt.

Recover deleted IDM files

If you have selected this option earlier, the source files will be erased and manual restoration of files from IDM will be impossible. If this manual method doesn’t help you get the required IDM file moved, you have to use a professional hard-drive recovery tool. 


Remo Recover is one of the best hardware recovery tools to help you recover moved files from IDM. Its top-notch algorithm can not only recover your deleted/moved/lost IDM files but can restore data from any kind of data loss scenario. Whether it is caused by accidental deletion, hard drive damage, virus attack, etc. Its easy-to-use interface navigates you throughout the recovery process. Download now!!! 

download now

Technique 2: Recovering Moved IDM File using File Recovery Tool

Using Remo Recover, you will be able to find moved files in IDM.  Here is the complete guide to using the Remo Recover tool to get back your IDM file which has been moved: 

NOTE: You can use this tool to restore the moved files from the computer hard drive as well.

  1. Download and install the Remo Recover and start the recovery process
  2. Select the location or drive of the deleted IDM files and Scan
  3. The tool will automatically run Quick Scan, once the scan is complete the tool will run the Deep Scan wherein it recovers data sector by sector of the drive. (You can simultaneously recover with the Dynamic Recovery View option while the scan is running)click on the dynamic recovery view button
  4. You can make use of the Advanced Filter through which you can easily sort out the IDM files
  5. Now select the deleted or lose IDM folder or files that you want to recover from the drive and click on Recover.
  6. After the scan is completed, you will be able to Preview all the listed files you’re your Windows operating system.
  7. Choose the needed IDM file, click on Save and browse for a location to save the recovered data.
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