Google Turns on Safe Browsing on Android

Until now, Google’s safe browsing was only available to Desktop users. This Safe Browsing feature protects from visiting malicious sites or any other explicit content on internet. Recently Google has taken a step ahead to ensure that even Android users are protected with this safe browsing features.

Yes, Google has enabled default Safe Browsing service even for Android devices to protect mobile chrome users from accessing malware infected or phishing sites. However, it doesn’t minimize network traffic but optimizes Safe browsing service for low memory and makes sure the processor used is also low as per the mobile specifications.

How Safe browsing works?

Safe Search will help you in blocking inappropriate or explicit images from being displayed on your Google Search results and it even avoids adult content. Whenever your browser tries to access a site that could be a host malware, phishing or contains any sort of sexually explicit content, a big red warning page will be displayed indicating that the URL you are trying to access may be dangerous. Then, you need to just tap on “Back to safety” option to return to the previous page.

In case you are chrome user then, you will already be using this Safe Browsing feature. This is because google enabled this features with its latest google Play Services update, it supports versions 46 and now it’s even available with version 47. It is a stand-alone feature, you can check it; just go to Settings -> Privacy menu in Chrome.

However, this feature is available as default only for Android phone. If you want to have a similar protection for your iPhone, just turn ON the data compression feature that is available on iOS.

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