Know How to Fix GoPro Export Error 30

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In this article, you can find hassle-free methods to fix GoPro export error code 30 and resolve any issues you may encounter while exporting videos from your GoPro camera. This complete guide provides effective solutions to help you overcome export errors, including GoPro Export 30 to ensure a seamless exporting process.

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GoPro is a must-have camera for those who love adventure and traveling. There is no doubt that GoPro has taken the industry by storm with its ability to capture high-quality videos with no hassle. With an increase in users, you will see that there are various issues related to GoPro that the users usually experience. GoPro Export error 30 is one such error. 

This GoPro Error - an error occurred during export code 30 usually occurs when you try to transfer your video files to a computer via GoPro Studio. By the end of this article, you will be able to easily fix GoPro Export Error 30.

GoPro Export Error 30

Causes for the GoPro Video export error Code 30?

In the section below, you will learn the various reasons for error code 30.

  1. Video corruption
  2. Insufficient storage space for the video transfer in the storage location
  3. Glitch and error due to outdated GoPro Studio application
  4. Outdated graphic drivers.

The above listed are some of the reasons behind GoPro users facing video error code 30 while performing the video transfer. In the section below, you will learn the manual methods on how to resolve this error with ease.

How do I fix GoPro export error 30?

Below listed are the hassle-free solution to resolve the GoPro video export error 30.

Note: As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for GoPro error code 30 is due to video corruption. If you are having a corrupt GoPro video and trying to resolve GoPro error code 30, the most feasible solution for you is to make use of GoPro Video Repair Tool like Remo Video Repair.

Solution 1: Insufficient storage space for GoPro studio to export the Video

GoPro allows the user to export the video files to the desired location using GoPro Studio application. However, GoPro Studio is not allocated the memory that is required to process or export the video file, and then you will encounter GoPro 30 error code.

Hence, we recommend you free up some space on your C: drive by transferring GoPro videos to a PC that has more storage space. This will fix the GoPro error code 30 if it is caused due to insufficient storage space.

Solution 2: Update the GoPro Studio

If you haven’t updated the GoPro studio recently, this might be the cause for GoPro video export error code 30. By updating the software, you can eradicate any GoPro video errors and problems.
In order to upgrade, you can go to the GoPro official website and update it or upgrade GoPro studio directly on the main screen option.

Solution 3: Update Graphics Drivers to resolve GoPro error

It is necessary to have the graphic drivers updated to compact with the HD video output and other various.

1. On your desktop, press the Windows and R keys together. This command will open the Run tab,

2. Click on the search bar and type devmgmt.msc, Then, click on OK.

open Disk management

3. On the device manager page, click on Display Adapters, and choose the graphics card on your PC.

4. Right-click and choose the Update driver option.

update drivers automatically on Windows

This will fix the GoPro error code 30, even after trying all the above methods. If you still encounter the issue, we recommend you repair your video files from GoPro using the Remo Video Repair tool in case of video corruption. The tool separates the audio and video interface, repairs them, and then adjoins them separately to provide a playable and exportable video file.

Solution 4: Changing import and export location of the video

If you are that user who exports the video to an external hard drive, we recommend you to change the location temporarily to the internal hard drive

  • Go to the Settings option
  • Change default export location to Internal hard drive.
  • Export the video

If the exporting process completes successfully, change the export location back to the external hard drive, and check if the procedure completes. The process works vice versa on your primary storage as an internal hard disk. In case you are trying to import videos from SD card and facing GoPro SD error you can refer here.

Solution 5: Solve GoPro error code 30 in case of Media Corruption

GoPro error code 30 usually occurs in video file corruption due to doubtful segments. The best way to figure this out is by removing the unwanted segments in the video file and then trying to export it to the desired location.

  1. Save the project with another name prior to making any changes.
  2. If you encounter an error of around 50%, go to the particular video point in your project and remove the video frames.
  3. After following the above methods, try exporting the video file. If the export procedure is completed successfully, then you have fixed the bad frames in the video file.

Follow the steps mentioned below to add bad frames from the previous project:

  1. Create a new project, and add and save the removed bad frames from your previous video with a new name.
  2. Import saved frames to your working project.

By following the above-mentioned method, error code 30 will be fixed.

If you still encounter the GoPro error code 30, it can be due to a corrupt GoPro video file. In order to solve this crisis, you will need a reliable video repair utility like Remo Video Repair Tool.

Additional Method: Repair a GoPro video with bad frames

Remo Video Repair tool is a reliable video repair utility that repairs damaged, corrupted, or broken video files effortlessly. The tool is capable of repairing bad video frames to produce exportable and playable video files. Download and Launch the Remo Video Repair tool and follow the methods mentioned below.

  1. Launch the application, Select the corrupt GoPro video file which you wish to repair
  2. Click on the Repair button to start the corrupted or damaged GoPro video repair process.
  3. Once the repair process is done, you can preview the repaired video for free to evaluate the results
  4. If you are satisfied with the repaired video file, you can activate the software and Save the repaired GoPro video file.


All solutions mentioned in the article will certainly help you fix the GoPro Export Error 30. If you find the manual methods too complex to execute or if you are sure that your GoPro video file is corrupt, make use of the video repair tool to easily fix your video file.

Do let us know if you were successful in fixing GoPro Export Error 30 with the help of this article in the comment section below.

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