All The Great Things We Can Expect from Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows Anniversary Update was really a game changer on Windows 10 systems. Smarter Cortana, Windows Ink, Windows Hello, Edge improvements, etc. and a lot of new features have made Windows 10 to be one of the most brilliant operating systems ever. Even there were some reported cases of system freeze after Windows anniversary update, it didn’t affect in a broader magnitude.

With codename Redstone 2, Windows 10’s next major update is ready to hit Windows PCs around the world in spring 2017. It is rumored to come with lots of new features. And, the update is totally free like previous updates from Windows 10. Let’s try to uncover some of these features.

A complete 3D Atmosphere 

Many of us might have worked with 3D builder in Windows 10. (Still, if you don’t know what’s this program, search it on your PC). The new Creators update offer much more than a 3D builder. A new Paint 3D application is part of this update that’ll help you to scan 3D objects using your Windows smartphone and print 3d scenes using it.

And, the edge browser on your Windows 10 PC will support 3D after this update. Using this, you can able to download and upload 3D models with supported websites.

Microsoft PowerPoint will get a number of 3D models and cinematic 3D animations along with this update. Other MS Office applications are expected to get more 3D features by next year.

Game Broadcasting in Windows 10

Hope, you’re familiar with Game DVR – windows 10’s feature to record video of your gameplay in the background. A new Broadcast feature is coming to Windows 10 with Creators update. This feature allows you to stream your gameplay to Xbox Live in real time and your friends in Xbox will get notifications about this broadcasting. This feature will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and it’s powered by Beam, the live streaming platform for Microsoft.

Windows MyPeople

This feature allows you to place your frequently contacted people on the right side of your taskbar allowing more convenient communication with them.  And, Microsoft has taken initiatives to integrate its different services like Mail, Skype, Xbox Live etc. with Windows MyPeople feature so as to make it easier to organize messages from people you’re regularly getting touch with.

Upgrading Features

After Creators update, you can comfortably uninstall Windows 10 built in apps without any problems. Before, if you were uninstalling any of these apps, it’ll automatically get installed back once a Windows update comes. Now, it seems Microsoft has started respecting your choice and it won’t install back after any Windows update.

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