Hard Drive Boot Problems

Usually a hard drive play main role in storing users data. When this hard drive fail to boot properly, user may feel very hectic since their valuable data stored in it. When this happens to your system also, then follow below mentioned steps to troubleshoot hard drive booting problems.

In order to run a system properly, power supply plays a main role. Therefore, first you check the power cable, whether it is properly connected to socket or not. If the cable is connected properly then check whether the power is supplying properly to all the components or not.

Next check, whether the hard drive is properly connected or not. If everything is OK then attempt to boot the hard drive. If it works fine, or else continue next steps.

The system Basic Input/output System (BIOS) may not be properly set to boot from the hard drive, and it is searching flash drives, optical drives, or other hard drives. Enter into BIOS setting by pressing F8 then set hard drive as first booting device. Now restart the system by pressing on restart button and watch hard drive is booting or not. If it boot properly then it is Ok or else follow next troubleshooting step.

There are chances to fail booting when hard drive has bad sectors. So, connect your hard drive to other system and attempt for recovery of bad sectors. In addition, scan it with updated antivirus application and remove virus threats if any found. After performing successfully, attempt to boot hard drive once again. If system booted properly that’s fine or else you don’t have any other options to boot because its file system has been corrupted severely. Unless installing new OS in it you cannot able to boot the system properly.

However, by reformatting the hard disk you will lose data stored on logical drive i.e. C drive. In such situation, opting for third party recovery tool like Remo Recover Windows / Mac is the best choice. This efficient software easily perform unbootable hard drive data recovery in just a few steps. Moreover, this application is expert in deep scanning of hard drive and restores all verities of data from it without damaging them in a couple of minutes.

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