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Hard Drive

troubleshoot hard drive noise problem

Troubleshoot Your Hard Drive Noise Problem

Ever heard the sharp clicks, spins and other sounds emitting out of your hard drive while working on your computer? Most of the times people get accustomed to some kind of hard drive noises. Sometimes it becomes a disturbance, but…

Difference between FAT 32, exFAT and NTFS

FAT 32, exFAT & NTFS: Know the Difference

A file system is nothing but set of rules that direct the storing and fetching of data in storage unit. Lets’ explore the difference between FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file system architecture.   Story of File System Everyone is familiar…


Fix The Error Message "The parameter is incorrect"

“The Parameter is incorrect” Sooner or later every Windows user must have come across this message while trying to access or open a drive. It is one of the frequently occurred error messages and various reasons contribute to it. Before…

Fix hard drive problems ion hard drive

How to Fix Hard Drive Problems on Windows 10

Many times we become the victim of the error “Windows detected a hard disk problem” while working in your Windows 10. There are several reasons behind this annoying message from Windows. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this serious…

How to Format C Drive from Recovery Console

There are several ways by which you can format C drive. Among them using recovery console is one of the best methods. Formatting the drive will erase your entire data from it and hence you will lose all the data…

How to Partition External Hard drive on Mac

Nowadays many users are convenient in carrying their important data within an external hard drive. However, most external hard drive users like to store their data in an organized manner. So in order to keep the data in a systematized…

Hard Drive Boot Problems

Usually a hard drive play main role in storing users data. When this hard drive fail to boot properly, user may feel very hectic since their valuable data stored in it. When this happens to your system also, then follow…

How to Allocate an Unallocated Hard Drive?

A hard drive will be completely successful only if it is allocated. Hard drive space allocation means making it ready for data storage purpose. On the hard drive space allocation process the size, label and the file system for data…

Difference between SSD & Normal Hard Drives

Until recently, PC buyers had only few choices for selecting what kind of storage device to use with their laptop or desktop and the form factor had just a hard disk drive (HDD). But now, you have a choice to…

How to Resize a Partition in OS X?

Mac OS X comprises of Disk utility application that helps you to resize disk partition and even you can modify a mounted volume. With this tool, you can enlarge or shrink the size of an existing partition regardless of whether…

How to Clean Unwanted files from your Hard Drive?

Occasional as you use your hard drive, it becomes clogged with unwanted and unnecessary files which would consume more system resources. At times it could even accumulate a number of large, space-wasting files that are of no value to you.…

Know how to fix disk boot failure

The word “disc boot failure” is terrifying for most computer users. Actually a disc boot failure notification generally means that your hard drive and operating system might have become useless. It can occur due to various reasons like system instability…

Know how to avoid fragmentation of hard drive

Disk Fragmentation is the one common reason for reduced system performance. It happens when large files are saved onto your hard disk. In this process, your files will be saved in smaller fragments and are scattered wherever the room is…

Safeguarding your external hard drive

Nowadays, users use external hard disk due to shortage of space in internal hard disk to store data and to backup their vital files safely and securely. By connecting external hard disk to PC or laptop using either USB connections,…

Interesting facts about hard drive

Hard drive industry is one of the pillars of fast growing techno world. Many of us might come upon this query “What’s happening inside a HDD?” The answer to the above question lies below. There are headers and magnetic disk…

How to extend a partition without losing data?

Partitioning is a process of splitting the hard drive memory into one or more logical unit referred as partitions. Before installing an OS your hard drive must be partitioned i.e. it makes your hard drive ready to accept your data.…